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Work and Travel: Working While You Travel

If you want to secure an easy way to travel as much as you want or dream of in life, then finding a source of income is essential. Or, at least finding a way to cut your living expenses down to the point where income becomes much less of a concern.


Travelling while working

My name is Mike Swigunski. I am the author of the #1 Amazon best-selling travel book Global Career: How to Work Anywhere and Travel Forever as well as the founder of Global Career, a remote job board which helps people find online jobs.

Today, I’m excited to share with you guys three easy ways to have a lifestyle where you are working while you travel.

3 easy ways to work while you travel

Out of all the ideas you will come across on the internet to assist you in working while you travel, I have been able to narrow these things down into three simple categories:

– Working online remotely

– Volunteering abroad

– Getting a Working Holiday Visa

Let’s go ahead and break down each of these categories into greater detail. Remember that these are all very broad industries of work, and can involve many potential careers. That is why it’s important that we break them down in a little more detail.

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1. Working online remotely

Working online is probably the easiest way to have stability while you work and travel full-time. It allows you to have complete freedom of location. Since jobs simply require an internet connection, people who travel the world full-time will usually have an online job of some sort.

Best ways to work online remotely

If you want to get a great remote job that you can have for the long-term, it is best to start by searching in a remote job search board. If you would rather acquire lots of short-term jobs, then using a freelancing platform is another option to look at.

Why this is a great idea

This is much like working in the normal professional circuit, except everything is done online. This is also a great stepping-stone for creating your own online business. Eventually, you could even be the one hiring remote workers to work for you. When you work online, you will start to get an idea of how others are able to make it big and secure a nice income. You will probably learn so much that you start your own online businesses.

Why you might consider another idea

Working online is nice, but also requires you to sit on your computer for a large chunk of your days. This is why many people may end up pursuing a different career after trying out the life of working and traveling full-time. If you have problems with being connected to a computer constantly, this is definitely not the right career path for you.

2. Volunteering abroad 

Just because you don’t want to sit on your computer all day doesn’t mean you have an excuse to never travel abroad. In fact, volunteering opportunities around the world are part of the reason that just about anybody can travel the world these days. Even if you are on a tight budget.

Best ways to find volunteering opportunities

To start off, consider what type of environment you want to live in while you are abroad. If you want to volunteer in a rural setting, then you should start by checking out the WWOOF volunteering opportunities on organic farms. If you don’t mind living in a hostel, then WorkAway is another great platform to look at.


What is Workaway?

Why this is a great idea

Volunteering is a no-pressure and no-stress position. After all, the worst that can happen is they ask you to leave. If this happens, it won’t even be that important. After all, you can always just secure a new volunteering opportunity within a day or so.

Why you might consider another idea

There is a giant elephant in the room which we need to discuss concerning volunteering abroad. These are not paid positions. Although basic living expenses will be covered, you will still need to pay for fun, transportation, and even food. This is why it might just be a better idea to work a paid job.

3. Securing a Working Holiday Visa

Finally, getting a working holiday visa is another effective way to secure a long-term trip overseas. If you have a special skill-set that you know is useful to companies around the world, this might be your best option.

Day trips Australia

Best Places to Get a Working Holiday Visa

The good news is that there are many companies around the world that actively seek US-trained professionals to fill up openings. Here are some of the best countries to look at if you are interested in working abroad. Australia Canada New Zealand South Korea United Kingdom

Why this is a great idea

Getting a work visa gives you the opportunity to put a unique professional experience onto your résumé. At the same time, it gives you the stability that you need to feel secure in a foreign country. Typically, travellers are only given a month or so in their target country without a working holiday visa.

Why you might consider another idea

The benefits of getting a working holiday visa are pretty clear. On the other hand, though, there are some inconveniences worth mentioning. For starters, securing a job overseas means that you have to stay in that location for the contracted period. Additionally, working a full-time job leaves you with a lot less time for developing your own business and sources of online income.

Travelling and working

In today’s age, just about anybody sitting at home with dreams of traveling around the world has the power to do so. If you want to find a way to work and travel full-time, your best three options are to work online, find volunteer work, or get a working holiday visa.

For more assistance in securing your first remote job, make sure to check out the Global Career remote job board.

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