Phu Quoc Travel Guide: Everything You NEED to Know

Here’s my Phu Quoc travel blog to show you what you could get up to if you travel over to the island. This Phu Quoc guide will tell you everything you need to know so you can be prepared for your trip.

I loved Phu Quoc.

If I needed to choose somewhere to go for any kind of Eat Pray Love moment, should I need to find myself in the future, Phu Quoc would be it.

TSo relaxing and so beautiful.

Phu Quoc Travel Guide

This Phu Quoc travel blog will help you plan your trip to Phu Quoc and really get the best from your travels. 

Phu Quoc Travel Guide

  • – Cheat sheet on Phu Quoc
  • – My favourite spot in Phu Quoc
  • – Best beaches in Phu Quoc
  • – Best places to eat in Phu Quoc
  • – Things to do in Phu Quoc
  • – Safety tips for Phu Quoc
  • – Getting to Phu Quoc
  • – Where I stayed in Phu Quoc
  • … all to come …
Hammock in Phu Quoc

Admittedly I didn’t really ‘get’ Phu Quoc at first.

In fact, after day one I was looking up how to get to Cambodia as I didn’t want to stay for the full week I’d planned. The Phu Quoc travel advice I’d read and trusted took me to the over touristy bits. Not good. 

It was only when I hired a moped on day three that I realised how awesome the island was.

Day five and I was planning when I could come back.

I want to help you visit Phu Quoc

I wanted to put together all the travel advice for Phu Quoc I think you need to know before you go. Mainly because I think that what I’ve read about Phu Quoc online has been useless for anyone planning to travel there.

All those guides presume the best things to do in Phu Quoc are the pepper farms or to see how fish sauce is made – I mean, really? I can’t imagine anyone I know wanting to spend valuable holiday time and money going to them when there are cool arty things about, and incredible beaches of course.

My number one piece of travel advice for Phu Quoc

Guide to Phu Quoc

Number one tip for Phu Quoc is to rent a moped.

The island opened up to me after I did, and it just gave me so much freedom to explore as I liked. I didn’t even have a plan, which is weird for me. I just put the pedal to the metal, or whatever the moped equivalent is, and went.

If you’re not old enough / too scared / terrified, you can always get taxis, but I guarantee it won’t be as fun.

Cheat sheet on Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is a little island to the south west of Vietnam and south of Cambodia – I haven’t said that yet have I? – I went for a week in February 2017 and just fell in lurrrve.

It was bigger than I thought, but all the more ground to cover made it exciting. There’s a huge tourism industry here – particularly for the Russians – but there are also pretty secluded beaches, if you know where to look (read on).

My favourite place on Phu Quoc

Coco Palm Resort

Travel Advice Phu Quoc

Loved it at the Coco Palm Resort. I was actually on the way to Mango Beach Resort but stopped here beforehand and ended up staying all day.

It was glorious.

This was my favourite beach on the island – Ong Lang Beach. It was absolutely beautiful, barely any people and they didn’t mind you using the sun loungers all day long. Also, I know it’s bad, but the Wi-Fi was really good at the Coco Palm Resort too so you could lie on the sun loungers answering emails #travelbloggerlife.

I ate here twice. I wouldn’t recommend the curry – just had some sort of hard, undercooked veggies in – but the prawns were incredible.

Travel advice Phu Quoc

Coco Palm Resort, and Mango Bay, are in a really nice spot on Phu Quoc. It’s away from the commercialism of Bia Soi and the centre, yet still has the infrastructure of a few lovely restaurants and bars to explore.

Travel advice Phu Quoc

In the evening the fairy lights and big ice trays pop up outside the restaurants filled with crazy looking fish from the surrounding waters. I didn’t really feel like dining like a boss by myself, so when I saw the cardboard sign outside a tiny street side restaurant advertising Ban Xeo for 20,000VND (80p), I chose that for dinner instead. I had a yummy Vietnamese-style pancake while watching their little kids play on the mopeds. Very cute.

More places to eat on Phu Quoc

Travel advice for Phu Quoc

There’s loads for drinkers and party people to do in Phu Quoc, apparently. I didn’t go out once, and only had one beer and one cocktail in the entire week I was there. I was trying some sort of detox from booze after feeling fit from the 700km bike ride I did from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City.

But anyway, if it was me I’d head down to Rory’s Beach Bar and take it from there. The beachfront was lined with bars and restaurants with different vibes, clientele and price points – you’ll find the one for you.

Rory’s Beach Bar

When I asked Twitter where I should eat on Phu Quoc, Rory’s Beach Bar was the most popular answer. I actually only made it on my last day and it was a great way to round up the week. I mean, it was clearly set up for westerners – the extensive and expensive menu was filled with burgers and pizzas and the owner / manager was Australian.

My meal here was the most expensive one I had during my whole time in Vietnam, at 200,000 Dong. I went for the Crab on Asian slaw – big tasty chunks of crab battered and dipped in a spicy sauce. Deee-licious.

I spent the hour after sleeping the feast off on a comfy sun lounger out front, totally understanding why so many people had recommended I come here.

Chuon Chuon Bar at the Hilltop Hostel

Travel advice Phu Quoc

The Chuon Chuon Bar had one of the best views from a bar I’ve ever been to. Unfortunately it also had the worst service. I was patient, trust me. I tried real hard to be as patient as possible. But after four times of asking for a coffee and then just going to speak to the manager two hours later when it still hadn’t arrived, it was driving me nuts.

I was staying at the hostel next door so I came here quite a bit. The bacon wrapped shrimp here was yum – the chicken curry pretty much inedible. I’d still recommend checking it out though – cool place, cool views and up such a steep hill you might have to push your moped up there when you get close to the top!

More help for your trip to Vietnam

Duong Dong Night Market

Duong Dong Night Market

Every night the locals set up the Duong Dong Night Market in town. So much food to choose from here. As well as the street stalls the restaurants lined the streets – serving seafood pretty much straight out of the sea and on to your plate. Again, I just didn’t really feel like going by myself so didn’t try one but by the way they were filled with both locals and tourists every night I’d say they were pretty good.

Instead I stuck to the street food. I had a Vietnamese pizza – basically a tortilla with Dairylea and veggies spread on top (yeah, not sure about that one) – and then the Japanese balls, which were great. Super cheap too.

Vung Tao

– Just doing a bit of research for my Phu Quoc travel blog!

This was a cute beach. Found it while exploring on my moped. The highlight was definitely the wooden chairs hanging from the trees. I sat in there and read my book for hours – loved it. I tried the Mi Quang, for something different but just found it too dry. You might like it though?

Peach Bar

My friend recommended this place to me for breakfast. Located just back from the main beach it was actually on the main road but once you’re inside you wouldn’t know it. They serve breakfast, coffees and smoothies – seeing as I’d eaten eggs pretty much every day since arriving in Vietnam I just went for an iced Black Vietnamese coffee and the Carrot smoothie. Yep, add this place to your list.

Spice Cottage Casa

Travel Advice Phu Quoc

They have Starbucks coffee, which didn’t excite me in the slightest but maybe will you, and this pool right on the beach. There was no one here – so weird. I had the bar and the pool to myself. Dreamy.

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More travel advice for Phu Quoc

The Phu Quoc beaches

Travel advice Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is a 574 square kilometres (222 sq mi) island, so of course it’s surrounded by beaches. Not all Phu Quoc beaches were created equal though. I went to as many as possible in my week… here’s my review of the top ones.

Bia Soi: the most popular beach, bit dirty, very busy, nice pizza restaurant. 

Travel Advice Phu Quoc

Vung Tau: Lovely peaceful beach, little cafe, cool hanging chairs, kinda arty. 

Travel advice Phu Quoc

Ong Lang: the best beach, barely anyone there, beautiful, home to Mango Bay Resort and Coco Palm Resort. 

Travel Advice Phu Quoc

Cua Canh: great place for sunsets, little juice bar, barely anyone there. 

Travel advice Phu Quoc

Ganh Dau: super arty, seemed super secret, great sun loungers. 

Travel advice in Phu Quoc

Things to do in Phu Quoc

Pepper Farms

In anything you read on travel advice for Phu Quoc you’ll see that the pepper farms are normally riding high as one of the top things to do there. I didn’t actually go so I can’t say for sure, but I felt satisfied with my moped drive past them rather than actually going in. I mean, it’s pepper, that grows. In the words of the great Shania Twain – that don’t impress me much.


Yep, lots of temples on Phu Quoc for you to explore. This was the only one I was at long enough to take a photo of, so unfortunately, that’s all I have to say about that.

Travel advice Phu Quoc

Snorkelling and diving

The snorkelling and diving on Phu Quoc is meant to be awesome but unfortunately at the time of year that I went – February – not so much. I went to find out how much a snorkelling trip was – not bad at $20 – but it was my last day and I just didn’t want to spend the time out on a boat if I wasn’t going to see anything.

From what I’ve read and heard since you should definitely give this a go if you’re in Phu Quoc at a good time of year.


Travel advice Phu Quoc

– Not VinPearl

I can’t really talk about Phu Quoc without mentioning VinPearl. It’s this really weird theme park at the top of the island that no normal Vietnamese person could afford to go to and no travelling Brit would want to. I drove past on my moped and saw all the taxis parked outside, desperate to pick up anyone who’s got the money to waste on going in there.

Just up the road from this Russian monstrosity is a huge development of luxury houses, being built especially for the rich and moneyed of Russia. The Vietnamese workers have set up hammocked, shanty towns outside, to live near the work. I can only assume they’ve come in from all over Vietnam to work on it as the site was huge. I mean, sure, it’s going to be a stunning place to stay when it’s finished, but it’s going to change the island.

The shanty towns with kids and cockerels dashing about was such a stark contrast, reflective of the world.

Safety in Phu Quoc

Travel advice Phu Quoc

– The sun is super strong in Phu Quoc, or at least was when I was there in February. Wear sun cream, all over and keep reapplying. I burnt the bit where your bum meets your legs and streaks across my back where I’d missed the sun cream, not comfortable.

– I felt totally safe walking about, at all times.

– Of course if you are hiring a moped you should take extra care in driving in a different country, on the other side of the road and with other drivers who might not necessarily share the same hand gestures as you.

– On Vung To and Mango Beach I was happy to leave my stuff and go in the sea.

– Go to market day down Trung Truc – I didn’t know it was on and got stuck in the traffic on my motorbike, which I kept stalling. All good fun among the locals who were trying to go about their business.

– I did get ill, not sure what it was, but the toilet was my best friend for a few days. Nothing like a good clear out!

Phu Quoc Things to do

Getting to Phu Quoc

Travel advice Phu Quoc

By air or boat?

My return flight from Ho Chi Minh City cost me £100 / 2,832,000 VND a week before, but you can go on the bus and boat from Ho Chi Minh City for around a tenner. Ruddy bargain!

Then you can expect  to pay around 150,000 from the airport to Duong Dong. Or you can get the Jetstar bus for 50,000.

Where I stayed in Phu Quoc

88 Hilltop Hostel

Travel advice Phu Quoc

This was a really good hostel, the only reason I didn’t stay at 88 Hilltop Hostel for the whole trip was because of the ridiculously loud music from the Chuon Chuon Restaurant at night and the fact that a private room elsewhere was only a few dollars more. Here I had a ten bed dorm – nearly flipped out when she told me – but luckily I was only sharing with one girl. We had curtains on our beds and plenty of space. There were nice showers, a cool vibe and incredible views across Phu Quoc.

Just to note, it is up a massive hill. Great fun coming down on the moped though.

Coco Valley Garden Hotel

– Photos from

I was only going to stay at Coco Valley Garden Hotel for 2 or 3 nights and then try out one of the super plush places. But after those few nights I decided not to bother. The hotel had everything I needed and it meant I had more money for other things – like the moped every day.

I really liked it here and the staff were lovely. The only trouble was the Wi-Fi wasn’t very good but that did mean I could focus on writing instead of going online. I’d definitely recommend staying here as it’s in walking distance to the Mango Bay area, although you will need a moped or taxi to get to town or most of the bar areas.


travel advice phu quoc

Phu Quoc was awesome – I’d recommend it 100% and hope to make it back there one day. If you have any questions about planning your trip or what to do there – just let me know in the comments box below.


  1. Hi Vicky, thanks for a good read – how long ago was your trip – the top of the page says october 2023 but the comments are a lot older! We are planning to go in Jan 2024 and are wondering if the island has changed massively since 2020

    1. Hello Jools, yes, it was a few years ago now. I actually have two travel blogger friends there at the moment and we were only talking about this last night. They thought my price guides etc were still accurate. You can see their trip on Instagram @WanderlustChloe and @AnAdventurousWorld – I’m sure they’ll be writing updated guides when they return!

  2. Hi,

    Me and my girlfriend are heading to Phu Quoc from HCM city next week. We’re thinking about renting a scooter for the week to get around on. What’s the island like for foreigners on moped laws? Did you have any issues atall? We’ve already been pulled and fined in Vietnam for not having the international license and don’t want to be done again. Cheers

    1. Hi Toby,

      What did you get fined for?

      I didn’t have any kind of problem, and haven’t heard of anyone doing so either. But, that was a few years ago and maybe rules have changed?

      I felt fine hiring and riding the scooter, but don’t know if it’d be different now.

      Hope this helps.



  3. Hi! Me and my boyfriend are planning to go to Phu Quoc in the beginning of February 2020. We found the “Thanh Kieu Beach Resort” and after reading your guide I wanted to ask you if you know how the area where this resort is located is? Is it a nice beach here as well? We want to stay in a place where there are some restaurants along the beach and pretty close to Phu Quoc city but also don’t want it to be too crowded and at best not turisty (maybe not a possible combo). Thank you 🙂 Best, Amanda

  4. Hi Vicky,
    Thanks for the article about Phu Quoc. ?
    I’m planning for a trip to go there in the coming November.
    Just wondering if Phu Quoc is kid friendly location?
    I have a total of 4 children and 8 adults with me..
    A big family outing ?
    Not sure other than the beaches what else I can plan for the big group.
    Appreciate your reply. Thanks

    1. Hmmm it’s difficult to say because I didn’t travel with children, but yeah, I don’t see why not. As long as they like beaches and boats. It’s a relatively small island in Vietnam so there’s not a HUGE amount to do but it’s also beautiful and the people are lovely. I’d take my kids there, if I had any.

  5. Nice article thanks. Matter of fact we arrived on phu Quoc last night. I hope snorkeling is ok in October but we’ll soon find out. The hotel said were the very first tourists for the season. They’re renovating everywhere u til mid november when the tourist season starts. So whils the island is very quiet with tourists, construction noise fills the void ?

  6. Hi, I was in Phu Quoc last december and tried to find Ganh Dau beach as I’ve heard it’s very nice, but all I found was a harbour with lots of fishing boats and a restaurant, not very swim friendly. I went by taxi and obviously ended up in the wrong place. I’m going back to Phu Quoc this january, and will try to find the beach again, this time on a moped. Could you maybe give me some hints on how to find it? Thank you!

  7. Hi did you just eat at the coco palm resort and used the beach in that way or did you pay to use their beach and if so how much? Am in Phu Quoc right now and would love to check it out!

  8. hi, i am also thinking about going to phu quoc for a few days in february but keep reading contradicting info about renting a scooter – where did you rent it from? did you need the international drivers licence? is it safe to drive around the island? thanks for all the other tips, sounds like tons of fun. safe travels!

    1. Hi, I just rented mine from my hotel. They’ll be able to sort it all out for you, I don’t have any doubts about that. I just had a British driving licence and I don’t think they even looked at it to be honest. They just took my passport details as assurance that I wasn’t going to rob it. Be careful and always wear a helmet!

  9. I’ve just returned from phu quoc, I agree, fish sauce and pepper farms??! I went to a bee farm which was awesome! And had the best cocktails made with homemade honey. The staff really are passionate about bees and what they do, it’s nice to see. Thank you for a good post, I was only there 3 days definitely agree you need a scooter. We stayed at kiki coconut beach and it was so beautiful and quiet, what we needed after 3 weeks of madness travelling north to south. Xx take care

    1. Oo that sounds cool. Bees are awesome, and those cocktails sound amazing. I’ll definitely check that out next time I’m there. Yeah, I think Phu Quoc is the perfect antidote after the craziness of the mainland. Happy to hear you had a great three days and thanks for sharing your experience!

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