13 Best Blogs about Burning Man Festival

Burning Man is like the ultimate festival. I’m still a little unsure – would I rather spend all my money going to Burning Man, or would I rather go to a few European ones?

Europe has won so far, but maybe I’ll make it one day. People always ask me if I’ve been to Burning Man, the answer is no, but here’s a selection of my fellow bloggers that have, and they’ve gone on to write blogs about it.

Blogs about Burning Man

If you don’t know what Burning Man is: it’s a community gathering every year in Northern Nevada. Over 50,000 head to the desert and form what’s known as Black Rock City. Here, those wanting to experiment with the weird, wonderful, crazy and absurd can do so through art and radical self-expression.

Beginning in 1986, this event has transformed into an epic social gathering but, its remote location and unique schedule of events means there’s a lot to navigate…

All photos by TheLastMinute and BLMNevada

Money Advice for Burning Man

Boat installation at Burning Man Festival

1. Burners.Me: Me, Burners and the Man is an entire blog dedicated to the subculture that exists around Burning Man Fest and, aside from giving us the lowdown on how to get your hands on tickets, the anonymous authors offer tips and advice on burner etiquette as well as fashion, news and music.

2. One of my favourite travel bloggers, Alex in Wanderland, visited Burning Man in 2013. She wanted to write a breakdown of how much exactly Burning Man costs the average person. She reveals the cost of everything from pre to post party costs.

Staying healthy at Burning Man

Spaceship art installation Burning Man

3. Writing for One Life Make It Count, a blog designed to give top notch medical advice from real docs, Leyl Master Black offers up 10 tips of how you can stay fit and healthy while in the Nevada desert. There are all the usual water recommendations and food tips along with some pointers on avoiding blisters and staying sand-free. From what I’ve read and heard it’s that sand that’s the biggest risk.

4. On VentureBeat.com, Gregory Ferenstein tracked his health over an entire week of living it up at Burning Man. You can see the data his tracker, the Basis, produced which shows his heart rate, sleep patterns, activity and movement. From this you can see exactly what a day at Burning Man looks like for your body.

5. So this specific blog post is in part about your health but also about basic survival. The authors of the Burn.Life blog give you the ultimate guide to porta potty etiquette at the festival, as well as extra info on other places you might need to ‘drop the kids off’ during your Burning Man week. Everybody does it!

Fashion and trends at Burning Man

Fashion at Burning Man

6. Burning Man is a fashion runway of its own calling upon the world’s most eclectic wardrobes to produce desert chic. Whereas many might hear festival and think flower crown, such a floral accessory would be out of place at Burning Man. Keeping us on trend, author of What Time Is Your Flight blog details need-to-know info for Burner’s clothes, hair and nails.

7. The two-man team at EyeJourney.com have put together an impressive gallery capturing Burning Man trends at their best. They showcase what looks work and offer a few tips on how to combine fashion with festival practicality – of course, goggles are a must!

8. Yep, I already mentioned Burn.Life blog but these long time festival goers know what they’re talking about. Check out their costumes post for an epic gallery accompanied with some general fashion tips that’ll see you through the week looking the appropriate amount of rad.

9. Check out this Burning Man packing list from Wandering Wheatleys – they’ve gone through everything you need to know about packing for the festival. You don’t want to forget any of it!

Your basic survival at Burning Man

Tips for Burning Man Festival

10. The Insomniac website offers ten simple yet surprising tips on how to survive Burning Man and cope once it’s over. It warns of potential emotional breakdowns and asks that no serious decisions be made two weeks after attending. This is a serious festival: be prepared.

11. Travelgrom is an online community, created by blogger Evan, to offer the best info on budget travel. Having been to the festival, he understands the angst and questions that arise beforehand and, as a result, has put together an extensive checklist of everything you could possibly need to survive Burning Man Fest.

Food advice for Burning Man

Blogs about Burning Man

12. Jennifer Scribner is a diet practitioner and shares all of her nutrition knowledge on her blog BodyWisdomNutrition.com. A keen Burning Man fan, she understands the age-old dilemma ‘to cook or not to cook.’

She tried to survive only on pre-packaged foods her first time, and soon realised that cooking was an essential factor for remaining energised at Burning Man. Here, she offers up her tips on how to prep, cook and eat real food at this fest.

13. Lick My Spoon is a blog for foodies that usually offers recipes and restaurant recommendations but, in this case, blogger Steph provides a proposed meal plan for Burning Man. She suggests healthy treats and easy-to-cook goods that should keep you full right through until Monday.

14. Again, Burn.Life blog coming to the rescue offering a great guide on keeping food (and drink) cool throughout the week. These basic tricks will mean you avoid spoilt goods and their recommended foods will mean you don’t go hungry.

Blogs about Burning Man

The extraordinary Burning Man Festival is a true beacon of art, community, and self-expression. Immersed in the heart of the Black Rock Desert, Burning Man showcases an incredible array of mind-blowing art installations, theme camps, and wild, decked-out art cars like you’ve never seen before.

The dusty playa becomes a blank canvas, allowing participants to tap into their creative sides and bring dreams to life.

Reading blogs from first-time burners, we’ve learned how magical that initial experience is. The vibrant community, the sense of radical inclusion, and the freedom to be yourself create an atmosphere that feels like home to so many. And the best part? Go, and you’ll make new friends from all walks of life who’ll become an integral part of your Burner journey.

Social media may dominate our lives, but when it comes to Burning Man, blogs offer a personal and intimate look into what it’s really like to be there. Through stunning photos and heartfelt stories, these bloggers take us on an adventure through the dust storms, revealing the profound beauty and inspiration found within the deep playa.

In the end, Burning Man is more than just a festival. It’s a transformative pilgrimage to a world where anything is possible – where self-expression knows no bounds, where art and imagination collide, and where you’ll discover a sense of belonging unlike anything else. So, let these blogs about Burning Man guide you and ignite that burning desire within you to experience Burning Man for yourself. Take a leap, embrace the dust storms, and prepare for an adventure that will stay with you forever.


  1. Burning Man isn’t a festival. It doesn’t have organization-planned entertainment, no foodcourts or schedules (ok, other than when certain things burn and gates open/close). Participants bring the art, the entertainment and experience, it’s not provided by anyone.

    I realize you first posted this a few years ago, but burners dot me is a conspiracy website and a terrible resource for Black Rock City.

    It may be helpful if you include Burning Man Project’s actual, official website: http://www.burningman.org


  2. My friend from Exhusbandisms.com just wrote an amazing article about why she recommends Burning Man after Divorce. It would be a great article to add here! The healing potential is incredible during Burning Man!

    1. Wow, interesting name for a site! Sounds like a great idea – feel free to drop a link. I’d totally go to Burning Man if I’d had some sort of life trauma. From what I’ve heard it’s a super healing experience.

  3. thank you so much for posting this! it’s my girlfriends first time, and all these will certainly help consolidate the info for her.

  4. Really love your post. I just bought my first Burning Man ticket this year. And super excited to go! 🙂

    1. Ooo amazing! Have fun. Would love to know all about your experiences when you get back. I might go, one day.

  5. Nice Blog Indeed

    But I think you should explain little more about the Burning Man Clothing and its accessories and about some online store from where individual can buy these funky cloths and accessories.

    1. @Ryan Smith, Best bet is to make it. For one thing tho, it’s going to be too hot to wear a big furry outfit in the daytime but the nighttime maybe just grab a furry furries outfit like a bear. my pal went as a polar bear – but this years theme is animalia. I posted a link to Vicky for some ideas what to wear.

  6. I think you’d absolutely love Burning Man! I went in 2011 and I would love to go back. I did write a blog post about it but it’s a narrative story, so doubtful that it fits on this list.

    Let’s go together in 2016!! x

    1. Yes! Let’s do it! I’m kind of intrigued by Burning Man, like I really want to go but is it something you can do as a twosome, or do you need a big group? I’d definitely be interested. Let’s discuss 🙂

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