Day 2 at a Hippy Health Retreat in Puerto Escondido

Made it into day two at The Sanctuary Health Retreat in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. Looking forward to another day of vegan food, talking about how I feel, yoga and chores…

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6:45am Wake up naturally. Turns out everyone else woke up 20 minutes before and I can hear them doing some sort of practice outside. Oops. Opt to stay in bed rather than disturb. I am a good person.

7:45am Yoga on the roof terrace. Absolutely stunning. Felt so good to stretch out and try new positions. Especially enjoyed hugging my foot like it was a baby. Good move.

9am Breakfast! Another juice. Definitely not as enjoyable as last night’s. Have to picture all the disgusting drinks I’m managed to get through in the past and remind myself that I’m a trooper and can’t let myself down. Find out it was basically spinach and banana with a few ingredients I’ve never heard of. Chugged it.

Breakfast at the Sanctuary

10am Tell Pete last week was a ‘pinnacle of my unhealthiness’ and that I need to sort myself out. Feeling very chubs. He suggests an enema. I say yes.

10:45am Enema is done. Not nearly as bad as I thought it would be but I’ll save you from the details.

11am Yay for enemas. I’ve dropped 3 pounds since last night. Overjoyed. Enemas are cool. If I could do that every day I’ll be 21lbs lighter when I leave. Skinny.

1pm Lunchtime. Soup. Thought that was it so ate loads of it. Turns out there were another four dishes. All vegan, all delicious. Very impressed. Tried to feed up in case there’s nothing tonight.

2pm Lila, another volunteer guest, shares some daily inspiration after lunch. A few stories of how kind people have been to her on her travels – vow to be kinder.

3pm Spend two hours having a lovely time creating a donations box with paint and a coconut shell, for the film showing here on Thursday. That’s my volunteering done.

5pm Catch up on work – great Wi-Fi!

6pm Direct another guest on how to do an enema. Oh the knowledge I’ve gained.

scorpion at the retreat8pm Eat leftover veggies for dinner. Reveal that I usually eat meat every day, apparently this is not normal. Shocker: actually felt really full and couldn’t do seconds.

9:30pm Find a scorpion in my bed. Scream.

9:40pm Scorpion is now outside. Can’t sleep.

10pm Sleep. Tired.


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