Feeling inspired by the weight loss I throw myself into The Sanctuary life, including a bizarre experience at a Temazcal.

6:20am Wake up for meditation. Nearly fall asleep in meditation. Voice told me to think of someone in my life I have no feelings towards, good or bad. Realise I either love everyone, or I get them out of my consciousness so doesn’t really work.

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7am Back to bed

7:30am Yoga on the roof terrace. This time a slow yoga, a lot slower and a lot of breathing. Getting a bit sick of breathing. Prefer Ashtanga yoga. Feel good by the end though. Totally inappropriate shorts.

9am Breakfast. Another smoothie. I drink up with decorum / avoid the heave. Watch a video about the ego and Evolutionary Enlightenment with Andrew Cohen. Find it hard to trust, believe and not say anything but know I’m outnumbered. Would prefer Holly and Phil.

9:30am ‘Workflow meeting’. Get told off for not doing my chores between 10 and 1 yesterday. Not my fault I was told to do an enema. Also get told off for using Wi-Fi after 9pm, thought it was 10. Decide that someone who’s supposed be enlightened should lighten up.

10:30am Try to start a 2-hour session of watering the gardens. No water coming through. Scared I’ll get in trouble. Try it every 15 minutes until noon when I admit defeat. Do work instead.

12:30pm Weigh myself. Another 2lbs gone. Holy shit. I’m onto something here. 5lbs lighter in two days.

1pm Lunch outside. Delicious and a beautiful setting. Someone else arrives, Irish, can barely tell I’m in Mexico.

The Sanctuary Diary

2pm Still waiting for the water.

3pm Wake up and feel so groggy. Is it the change in diet, the heat, not doing much? Walk on the beach should sort it out.

4:30pm Rode on the back of a scooter for the first time ever.

4:45pm Went to a Temazcal. A traditional sweat lodge ceremony where you sit in an igloo with 10 other people, and the boss man pours more water on the hot rocks in the centre to create steam. Lasted about 45 minutes until it got too much. Nearly died. Never again.

Temazcal in Puerto Escondido

7pm Random trip for frozen yogurt. Too scared to ask if it’s vegan. Is it?

8pm Bedtime. No dinner because of fro yo.

10pm Can’t sleep. Mad nightmares.

1am Still can’t sleep. Plan how I’m going to shoot the cockerel outside. Remind myself I’m vegan now. And vegans don’t kill cocks, even if they’re massive ones.


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