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How to Deal With the Heat at Coachella in 10 Steps

Coachella Festival is absolutely scorching. In the day the highest recorded heat reached was 50C. There are barely any trees for shade and the sun is relentless from about 9am to 6 at night.

Escaping the heat of Coachella Festival

You need to be ready to deal with the heat at Coachella, or it will deal with you. Here are ten ways to stay cool at one of the hottest festivals in the world.

1. Have a cold shower every morning

One of the many best things about Coachella was the fact they had plenty of showers so everyone could use them every day, and were actively encouraged to. The longest I waited was about five minutes, in the hot sun. Once I got in there I stripped off as soon as possible and turned the tap to freezing, just to remember what it felt like to be cold.

2. Hang out in the covered tents

Any acts playing the main stage during the day have got it bad. It’s just too hot to stand and watch them. If you stick to the five or six other tents that are covered you’ll find that any breeze naturally drafts through. I was so excited to see Blood Orange last year, who was playing on an outdoor stage, that I forwent the rest of the Rudimental set in a tent. As I stood watching him with the sun scorching my face off I was full of regret.

3. Recharge your phone

Escape the heat of Coachella Festival

There were three different tents with air conditioning, sofas in the middle and chargers round the outside for you to give your phone some life at Coachella. This was the perfect way to chill, be chilled, and charge up too.

4. Escape your tent

It’s not actually too hot when you wake up, but there comes a point, around 9:30am, when it feels like someone has flicked the heating up high and suddenly you’re melting. Make sure you’re out of your tent before this happens or it will wipe you out and you’ll be reduced to ‘hanger’ (heat related anger). No good for anyone.

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5. Drink ice-cold smoothies

The arena doesn’t actually open until 11am but you’ll find a few stalls selling ice cold smoothies in the campsite. Unfortunately you’ll also find the rest of the campsite in the queues too so be prepared to wait. I strongly recommend you get one of these every day – I swear the vitamins and ice cold liquid saved my life.

Coachella Advice

6. Buy ice and water

The ice man comes around with huge bags of it for $10 a pop. Make sure you keep stocked up on this and when it comes to carrying it back I liked to carry it on my head to give me that extra cooling factor. Suck on ice, put it in all your drinks, buy some to put your feet on and of course to keep your cool box as cold as possible too.

7. Get a tarpaulin for your campsite

Our next-door neighbor gave us one to cover the space from the gazebo to the car, giving just enough space for two of us under there, and the cool box. The other two of our group of four could find solace in the shade from all the other gazebos all around us. You need as much sun protection as you can fit in your car, you can never have too much.

8. Just chill

Heat of Coachella Festival

Coachella is the most chilled festival I’ve ever been to, so go with it and just chill out while you’re there. There’s no reason to run around between stages desperately trying to see everyone – just pick a few acts and be happy with them and make some friends with all the other cool and chilled out people around you.

Tips for Coachella

9. Find shade

There’s not much shade to had at Coachella but where you can find it, make the most of it. There were a few trees in the over 21s area and you can always sit round the back or side of the tents and drinks fountains too. It was fine and acceptable to sit around, or sleep, at the back of the music tents too.

10. Wear T-shirts, hats and SPF

Coping at Coachella

That sun is hot, and if you’re from a cold country, like me, you need to cover up well. I lathered on the SPF 30 and used even stronger on my face. It would not be fun to get burnt at Coachella – that’s not what the cool kids do. Keep yourself covered – don’t live up to the British stereotype!

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Emily Ray

Sunday 22nd of February 2015

"You need to be ready to deal with the heat at Coachella, or it will deal with you." - I read this in a Phil Mitchell voice, ha! But these are some extremely handy tips. I'm not sure how I'd be with all that heat cos I'm not that great with it. I even found the sun at Lovebox a little too overpowering for my liking!


Monday 23rd of February 2015

Does sounds quite aggressive doesn't it?! And err, yeah, I think if Lovebox is too much you better be careful if you go to Coachella! (read that in a Grant Mitchell voice)