My Top 5 Tips for Recovering from a Festival

Sziget was 7 days of walking, dancing, standing, drinking, eating, 5am bed times and throwing myself into it wholeheartedly. The festival is now over and I’m left with what feels like shin splints, throbbing feet, a few extra pounds, a scratchy throat, man voice, pale, tired skin and a plan to never drink again. I look and feel rough. Really rough.

Festivals can be hard work.

Festival recovery

After all these years I’m a bit of a pro at getting over festivals, in the old days I’d have to be ready to go into work on the Tuesday too and I always made those 9am starts. Good job that’s not the case this time around though.I have the freedom of exploring Budapest and ticking off my 5-point checklist for recovering from a festival at my leisure.

1. Book into a luxury hotel

The last night of a festival is the worst, the thought that you have to get up in the morning and sort your stuff out can hang over you. Be a savvy festival goer and book into a nearby fancy hotel for your last night, that way you can get a good night’s sleep and not have to trek home after.

Festival recovery

I’m currently writing this from the Intercontinental Hotel on the River Danube in Budapest. At this moment in time I feel like it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Thanks to my IHG Rewards Points I could just treat myself and my friend to this luxury experience and catch up on my cleanliness and work in a beautiful room looking out to the Royal Palace.

Recover from a festival

The bed sheets are crisp and white, the shower powerful, the towels glorious, free tea and coffee and the TV screen has even got my name on it. I’m feeling clean, special and smug.

2. Detox

From the moment I woke up this morning I’ve been on the green tea and glugging the water. I always get dehydrated at festivals as I’m normally a big water drinker but obviously I don’t want to fill up and need the toilet too much when the only ones on offer are portaloos.

I honestly feel like I don’t want to drink again, so I’m not. I need a good few weeks off alcohol to recover from this festival. I’ve also had eggs for brunch and I’ll be choosing the most vegetable-heavy dish on the menu for dinner. I need vitamins, and I need them now, intravenously if possible.

3. Spa treatments

In Budapest, where I am now, your forint currency goes a long way compared to the London prices I’m used to. This spa option may not be so feasible depending on the country and your budget, but in Budapest you can go all out.

Recovery from a festival

Tonight I’m going to get a facial and a massage after dinner and before bed. How luxurious is that?! Well, a girl’s got to find fun somewhere if a glass of vino is off the cards. And the tally will only come to about £20 too. Love Budapest!

4. Sleep

The number one most important way to recover from a festival, of course. Sleep can be very troublesome after a festival, you’re used to going to bed as the sun comes up but now you want to conk out at sundown. My advice would be absolutely no napping in the day, keep active to wear yourself out and try and do as many of the things listed above to prime you for sleep.

Go to bed as early as possible if you have work the next day and make sure to set at least two alarms so you know you’ll definitely get up, and not just turn over and turn it off imagining it’s just some novelty festival klaxon.

5. Private time

Music festivals are an assault on the senses if ever there was one. You’re constantly on the go and always talking, listening, chatting – it’s a great idea to pencil in some private time to recover from the festival to get your head back in the game. My friend who I’m with went off for a few hours to explore Budapest while I showered and wrote this, now we’re reunited after some personal reflection on what exactly just happened, we’re ready to go out and get some dinner from one of the boat restaurants out the window.


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