My Sensoji Temple Fortune: Thank the Gods For That!

I managed to locate where the strange rain shaker noise was coming from. Sadly not some obscure Japanese musical instrument as I initially thought, but some college-aged Japanese kids shaking silver prisms like cocktail shakers outside the Sensoji Temple. Then they’d take the first stick to fall out the bottom, look at it and pull a drawer out. Something was written on the paper they lifted out. Some laughed, some moaned and others screeched. What on earth were they doing?

Fortune telling at Sensoji Temple

After five minutes spent watching and trying to work it out I realised there was quite clearly an English translation written above. They were getting their fortunes told at the sacred Sensoji Temple and now I wanted to play too.

I decided to check out the temple first, in the hope that A, the crowd would clear and B, having recently been in such a holy and important place my fortune would be far improved.

Sensoji Temple from the outside

My Sensoji Temple fortune

After a quick look around the Sensoji Temple and watching people flick 5¥ coins into the fountain I decided the time had come. I went to the fortune ‘desk’ and ‘politely’ shook the box, as instructed. As I did so I glanced the wall of fortunes and realised that when my destiny did come out with it’s Japanese letter on, I was going to have to do some serious searching to even find the thing out of the hundreds of options in front of me.

Sensoji Temple fortunes

my Sensoji Temple fortuneThankfully my Sensoji Temple fortune stick was just a cross with a line under it. After two seconds spent locating it I wrenched the draw without a second thought, eager to see how the temple had deemed my life to be for the next few months.

Impatiently I opened the paper to find I’d pulled the ‘best fortune’. Yay!

No.11 Best Fortune

So, this is my 2015 according to the Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, Tokyo…

My Sensoji Temple fortune

I’m most looking forward to finding all my lost articles and catching the big game that comes from the sky. The arrival of the person I’m waiting for won’t be too bad either. And it’s always good to know that the Buddhist Gods think this trip is ‘all right’.

Looks like it’s going to be a good year!

Ever had your fortune told? Did it come true?

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