The Best Things to Do in Vietnam According to Travel Bloggers

I’m off to Vietnam! In preparation I’ve been scouring my favourite blogs to see what everyone else got up to when visiting the country. This Vietnam travel blog will reveal the absolute best things to do in the country.

Now my list of things to do in Vietnam is epic, I’m spoilt for choice and being my first time in Asia, I’m just going to be totally overwhelmed as soon as I touch down. I’m only going to Vietnam for a two week trip, but I’m determined to fit in as much as possible.

I want to do some tours in Vietnam, to relax, party, shop, sightsee and I need to end in Ho Chi Minh City for a friend’s wedding, which is going to be awesome. Thanks to the Vietnam tips from a few select travel bloggers the current plan is this…

best things to do in Vietnam

1. Ho Chi Minh City

This is where I’ll start and end. After a walk around Ben Thanh market and some lunch to get my bearings the next task will be to get a massage. My body is in knots thanks to the London Triathlon I recently did and sitting at computers for 12 hours+ every day. Sounds like Kristin from had an awesome time at Jasmine Spa in Ho Chi Minh City – I’ve added that to my list of places to check out. In fact I’ve spent just shy of an hour poring over the menu deciding between the massages. I’ll get back to that one.

“Each of our hour-long massages were about $24 each, which is considered “expensive” for Saigon.”

– I went!

I absolutely definitely want to go on a little boat trip down the Mekong Delta too. I’m hoping I don’t have the same experience as Audrey from on her Vietnam travel blog, but I guess at least her problem trip made for a good story, even if she was put at risk of avian flu. As soon as I see the shops on boats and locals wearing the pyramid hats I’ll feel like I’ve arrived.

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2. Nha Trang

I want our two-week trip to cover a lot. I never went backpacking round South East Asia when I finished school, so now is my big chance to fit it all in to two weeks. From everything I’ve read about Vietnam it feels like Nha Trang is party central – Adventurous Kate’s tip off about the party boat is a definite must do as far as I’m concerned. I’m going to check out Mamma Linh’s party boat and snorkeling trip. Looks like for $7 I get to eat, drink, party and check out some paradise islands too. A backpacker’s dream.

“As bizarre as it is, it’s one of the most fun activities Nha Trang has to offer.”

Definitely going to go to the mud baths here too [I ended up at the egg mud baths!]. Check out this cool vid from…

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Good news! it seems Vietnam is reopening the country finally from March 15, 2022!

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3. Hoi An

One of the things I’m most excited about doing in Hoi An is checking out the custom clothing possibilities. Adventurous Kate got some wicked trainers custom made on the Hoi An market stalls for just $65 (£40). She even got emblazoned on the side – I need some VickyFlipFlop flip flops for sure. You can get a custom-made suit for around $130 too.

Loving Will Peach’s article on about what to buy in Vietnam – mmm weasel puke and pig’s trotters, where have you been all my life?

“What western girl wouldn’t want a tight-fitting little silk number to take home and wow the boys?”

The best things to do in Vietnam according to travel bloggers

I really like the idea of doing a cooking lesson like this one Micheal Tieso from did in Hoi An at the White Lotus restaurant. For $18, which all went back into the Project Indochina NGO, he got a private lesson in making Vietnamese pancakes, spring rolls and sautéed chicken. The morning started with an informative trip around the local market, followed by a boat ride before getting back into the kitchen. The best part is no doubt getting to eat all your hard work at the end.

The best things to do in Vietnam according to travel bloggers

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4. Hanoi

Loving Justin’s feature on about what to do in Hanoi. My main inspiration from this is to see the Hanoi Hilton and check out the markets to spend my dong. Also can’t wait to get stuck into some Vietnamese food here – looks like Justin had a right feast.

[Went there, saw some crazy stuff in Hanoi!]

Entry requirements for Vietnam 

You’ll need two things to ensure a smooth entry into Vietnam: 

– Your passport, which should be valid for at least 6 months beyond your date of entering the country

– And a Vietnam visa

If you’re not eligible for a Vietnam visa-free stay, and you’re travelling to Vietnam by air, then apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival. 

This way, you only need to submit an online application form and pay the service fee; no document is required. You then get a visa approval letter via email, print it out and take it with you to board the flight to Vietnam. You’ll get your visa stamped upon arrival at Vietnam airport by paying the stamping fee in cash. 

The processing time for the tourist visa approval letter is 2 working days. If you’re in an emergency, it can be processed in 2 to 4 working hours, during the weekend or public holidays of Vietnam. This is for people on a last minute urgent trip or who didn’t know they needed a visa until they reached the airport.

One important note for applying for a visa on arrival to Vietnam is that to get the visa letter issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department, you need to work with a travel agent in Vietnam. In this regard, is recommended as it seems to be one of the most experienced service providers; it has been operating since 2007. 

Always check your local government website for the latest and most up to date visa information. 

5. Halong Bay

It’s all about the junk boat cruises up here, so my research tells me. I checked out the Halong Bay party cruises from Hanoi Backpackers again as recommended by Adventurous Kate, but looks like they don’t do them any more. Shame, looks like she had an amazing time on that trip.

Maybe at 28 I should be looking at something a little more mature anyway. I’ll always have the party boat in Nha Trang for that behavior. Looks like Jayne from had a great time on a more upmarket Junk Boat – she saw a floating sweet and snack shop. That’s the kind of thing I’m into now, and the monkeys, and the views. A junk boat cruise around Halong Bay is a definite for my trip to Vietnam.

“On the other side was a quiet inlet where some tiny monkeys were swinging through the trees.”

Floating Tuck Shop from

This ‘Cave of Awe’ from is pretty cool too.  She says ‘Halong Bay is one of the most beautiful places in Vietnam’ – better check it out then.

[Yep, yep, did both of those things and decided that Halong Bay was the most beautiful place in the world!]

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And you definitely need to read this…

Advice for Vietnam

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Insurance for Vietnam 

Travel insurance is more important than ever. Make sure you have your travel insurance sorted well in advance before you leave home. Always read the Ts and Cs, so you know what you’re covered for if you should need it.

insurance for nomads

SafetyWing specialise in travel insurance for digital nomads, so if you’re visiting Vietnam for longer than normal, then check their options out. They also offer the opportunity to sign up while you’re abroad, to have your children covered, and to be covered in your home country if you’ve been travelling for 90 days. 

Check out SafetyWing for all the Ts and Cs and details. 

6. Back to Ho Chi Minh City

And then it’s back to Ho Chi Minh City again via a 2-hour plane from Hanoi. I have absolutely no desire to go down the Chi Chi Tunnels like Dave from did in his Vietnam travel blog. Just the thought of those claustrophobic crawl ways is enough to make me feel weak and breathless. I’ll just take his word for it that they’re worth a look.

Instead I’ll be stuffing my face on the streets and in the shops – check out the dinosaur egg full of chips in Adam from’s post on getting spoilt in Saigon. Looks epic, and weird. And what’s that thing next to it? His post has got me excited for the wedding we’re going to.

“Weddings in Vietnam are really just about the food.”

Ooo yeah. Not sure about the Balut egg he scoffed though. The fertilised duck embryo is boiled and eaten in its shell and is a popular snack on the street food stalls – have to see how many Bia Hoi’s I have before I can even think about doing that.

The best things to do in Vietnam according to travel bloggers

I’ve picked up a few top tips along the way in my research. I know I have to watch out for the cyclo drivers’ billing as Jayne from points out – they’re slippery buggers. Kristin from got some cool dresses made in Ho Chi Minh City – just a note to self in case I don’t get time in Hoi An. And turns out Matt from didn’t even like Vietnam.

I’m looking forward to making my own mind up, stepping foot in Asia for the first time and hitting the karaoke bars hard!

Check out all my stories from Vietnam, and what Vietnam was really like, for me!

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  1. Hi Vicky, Thanks for sharing these cool places in Vietnam. Have you ever came back to Vietnam since this post?

    Beside the news about new world biggest cave name Son Doong, there are a few places you should try out: Mui Ne, Bana Hills, Hoi An, Sapa.

    Whenever you come visit Hanoi, be sure to send me an email and we might arrange some beers.

    Binh Nguyen

    1. Vicky

      The Real Person!

      Author Vicky acts as a real person and passed all tests against spambots. Anti-Spam by CleanTalk.


      Hello Binh, Sadly not. I’d love to though! I want to visit the area again as I’d love to see Sapa and Mui Ne as you say. I went to Hoi An for a few days but I’ve not heard of Bana Hills. Hopefully next year I’ll do a little Cambodia and Vietnam trip together as I’d love to visit there too. So many places to see, and so little time!

  2. Vietnam was an awesome experience Hallie, you should visit Vietnam. Vietnam has everything you will ever need for an awesome vacation.

  3. I never knew Vietnam was such an awesome vacation spot, I might me paying them a visit soon, after all everyone needs a holiday right. I will definitely learn to cook some Vietnamese dish and wow my husband when I get back 🙂

    1. Vicky

      The Real Person!

      Author Vicky acts as a real person and passed all tests against spambots. Anti-Spam by CleanTalk.


      Ah yeah I loved Vietnam. I think it’s a perfect place to go for two weeks as you can do so much, and there’s a pretty set route of where to go and what to do, especially with what I’ve laid out!

  4. Most travel bloggers who dislike Vietnam tend to be American. . I wonder if there’s still some hostility there.. I for one, consider Vietnam my favourite country in South East Asia.

    1. Vicky

      The Real Person!

      Author Vicky acts as a real person and passed all tests against spambots. Anti-Spam by CleanTalk.


      Ah maybe? Good point. I loved it and still get excited about it when anyone tells me they’re going. It was a brilliant two weeks!

    1. Vicky

      The Real Person!

      Author Vicky acts as a real person and passed all tests against spambots. Anti-Spam by CleanTalk.


      Yeah definitely! I didn’t buy a designer one but I did buy a leather one that I loved until someone told me it was too dirty and filthy and should go in the bin!

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  6. You could consider Cat Ba Island as well. It is the largest island in HaLong Bay, but should be slightly less crowded. There is also some awesome rock climbing that can be done there. Travel there should be done through Haiphong instead of HaLong City though. An alternative to Sapa could also be Ha Giang. I’ve not been there myself, but the next trip to North Vietnam, I’ll definitely be planning to check it out.

  7. Great list of things to do in vietnam, as a traveler I found useful information in this post. thanks for it

  8. Oh! That’s great informative article. I love your video at Nha Trang. What’s a pity! I do not see Hue – the old capital in Vietnam here. I’m in Hue.

  9. Thanks for the information. Can’t wait to visit Halong Bay the next time I am there!

    Here’s my experience at HCM:

  10. Hi there …

    Still in South East Asia,

    There’s beautiful place called Indonesia,
    With thousand island, culture and awesome panoramic
    one is Lampung Province …

    Try our awesome country.

    Warm regard


  11. Great post Vicky! From Hanoi, I booked a trip to Halong Bay that took in Monkey (CatBa) Island as well which was brilliant!

    We also took an Easy Rider Tour in Nha Trang, where we each had a driver and they took us on the back of their motorbikes through villages, along the coast, paddy fields and then to a beautiful waterfall! Brilliant day!

    Have a great time!

    1. Halong Bay was the most amazing experience I have ever had. I booked Vietnamese Visa on Best Price travel company and they recommend me to combine those package to reduce the cost. May be I am kind of the cheap one when being attracted with discount and sale, I even hide all things from my husband since I was afraid that he wouldn’t allow me to do that.
      Unfortunately, bad luck really happened when joining our Pelican cruise trip. I book 3 days trip, but in the first night on that ship, the government warned about one coming storm. Hence, we had to be back to the island in the next morning instead of enjoying the last second night and the third day as planned. Due to the volatile weather, I could not blame any one. However, the staff of that company supported, made up and even returned the change. I am so suprise and thankful.
      I really want to recommend this website: I for their fast, helpful and reliable service. I am enjoying those left days at Vietnam in Nha Trang. Eventhough I don’t use their service to book Nha Trang. What they have done for me in the time I was in Ha Long was satisfied and went beyond my expectation. I hope everyone have great experience there.

      1. Vicky

        The Real Person!

        Author Vicky acts as a real person and passed all tests against spambots. Anti-Spam by CleanTalk.


        Glad you managed to have a good time in the end Halle. Sounds like you chose a good company there – thank you for recommending it 🙂

  12. Looks like a good list! I went for two weeks in April and tried to fit in as much as possible 🙂 The train system was a godsend. If you’re looking for additions to your list and have 2/3 days to spare in the north then I would recommend taking an overnight train out to the beautiful Sapa – I wrote about it here:

    Another place to potentially stop off at (but only if it’s on the way and you have time) is Mui Ne – if just for the experience of quad biking the sand dunes.

    Have an amazing time!

  13. Sounds like you’ll be having a great time in Vietnam. Awesome that you’re going to a wedding there. They’re really a lot of fun!

    And thanks for reminding me of the dinosaur egg – what a bizarre food!

  14. Ooooh, Vietnam was one of my favorite stops in my RTW, so I hope you love it, too! I’ll follow along and see the cool things you had made while there =)

    1. Vicky

      The Real Person!

      Author Vicky acts as a real person and passed all tests against spambots. Anti-Spam by CleanTalk.


      Really looking forward to it! Two weeks today and I’ll be there 🙂

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