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Sampling World Vegan Month with tastecard

As World Vegan Month (November) comes to a close for another year, I thought we’d go out for a special vegan meal to mark the occasion, especially as tastecard gave me one to sample for a month. 

Step up, Sant Yagos – one of the best restaurants in Southsea

This cosy restaurant was an absolute favourite of mine when I first moved to Southsea. But, as my Google location history told me – I hadn’t been since April 2019, when I went twice. It was time to reunite with the delicious tapas it’s locally famous for. 

The fact that tastecard is accepted here gave me the perfect reason to visit, along with Ben and Reggie, of course. 


tastecards are discount cards. They give you money off restaurants, days out and cinema and shopping around the UK. Their app makes it easy to look what discounts you can get – you can now even get pizza discounts too.

I had a tastecard for years when I lived in London, with so many options available in the city. Genuinely used it every week to save money on midweek dinners with friends. So good, especially for just £5.99 a month, as it is now. Or just £39.99 a year.

After researching which restaurants I could visit in Portsmouth and Southsea, I see it’s still a favourite at the chain restaurants, but also some of the independents too. And the same goes for a search in nearby Southampton too. If you’re wondering where it covers near you, check out the app for details.

World Vegan Month 

The Vegan Society set up World Vegan Day on 1 November 1994 to celebrate 50 years of the society’s existence. As the popularity of the vegan way of life grew, so did the day – to a week, and now, a month. 

According to, 1% of the world’s population is vegan – which equates to around 8 million in 2022. 

While I won’t be going vegan anytime soon, I do think it makes sense to eat less meat. An event, or a month, like World Vegan Month, is a great way to remind people like me to include some vegan dishes in their life. It’s also a wonderful way to experiment with cooking more vegan dishes at home, and to try them when you’re out. 

tastecard and World Vegan Month 

Having a tastecard is a great way to try new restaurants, and new dishes, without such a big financial commitment. Our local tastecard restaurant, Sant Yagos, offered 241 on the tapas dishes, giving a great option to include more vegan ones in our order. 

Rather than the rib meat or fish tacos I’d normally go for, this time I got to try such delights as: 

  • Sweet Potato Stack with Roast Peppers and Tomato Chutney 
  • Roast Root Vegetable Medley with Carrot, Parsnip, Onion and Celery. Red Pepper, Wilted Spinach and Coriander Pesto too. 
  • Artichoke Bruschetta with Tomato, Olive and Citrus Dressing. 
  • Fried Potatoes with House Tomato Sauce 

“World Vegan Month is the month for everyone to show their support and take some time to think about how we can all live a more compassionate life by eating delicious and inventive food.”

For me, World Vegan Month is a catalyst to try new foods, and with the tastecard discount it gives you the confidence to order something different, rather than sticking to tried and tested firm favourites when you’re eating out.

If you want to know more about the tastecard‘s discount, click here.