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Basel Christmas Market: What to Pack, See and Do

I’m just back from Basel Christmas Market, my first time checking out some Crimbo stalls in Europe. FIRST TIME. It was great. After my limited experience at the delights of Manchester German Market, and London Christmas Market, this one was definitely bigger, better and had a much bigger variety when it came to the stalls.

In short, it was way better.

Basel Christmas Market what to expect

So for today’s festive post, I just wanted to give a few tips on what to pack, what you’ll see at Basel Christmas Market, and a few tips on what you can do around Basel while you’re there too.

What to see at the Basel Christmas Market

Basically, you’ll be wandering around looking at all the pretty things while sipping on your Gluhwein. That’s the way these Christmas Markets seem to go.

There were so many cute little stalls to buy all kinds of things from jewellery, to candles, to wooden toys, to bags and gats. Y’know how you go to some Christmas Markets and it’s the same thing repeated, not so at Basel Christmas Market. I could’ve spent a lot of money here, if I had it. Basel Christmas Market shopping

What to see at Basel Christmas Market

Of course, you need to eat at the Christmas Market. From wursts to meat skewers to potato rostis and Toblerone donuts, there’s loads of food to choose from. I kind of feel like I didn’t make the most of all the foodie opportunities, but, it was because of this treat…

Basel Christmas Market eats

Don’t leave Basel Christmas Market without booking into one of the fondues there. Soooo good. We went to Wicker Fonduestubli, at the tourist board’s recommendation. Oh yessss.

And of course, drink all the mulled wine.

Packing for Basel Christmas Market

After a FREEZING weekend in Oxford the one before I wasn’t taking any chances in packing for Basel Christmas Market. I even packed two coats just to be sure I’d be warm.

This is my list for two nights and three days – I had checked luggage but you can definitely fit this in carry on.

Basel Christmas Market stalls

The key to packing for Christmas Markets is layers, of course. You’ll be outside in the snow / rain / cold, then you might be sat next to a heater enjoying a Gluhwein, and then, indoors, and sweating that mulled cider out right away.

You need to be warm and comfortable. Say it with me – ‘warm and comfortable’.

2 pairs of jeans – you might think you’ll get away with one, but what if they get wet?

2 vest tops – layer up

2 long sleeved tops / shirts – I ended up wearing all my clothes by the third day

Chunky cardigan – not so chunky it doesn’t fit under your coat though

4 warm socks – always nice to change in an evening

4 knickers – same, keep it fresh

2 bras

pyjama bottoms – nice to be cosy when you get home

Another coat – be prepared

Scarf – essential – a nice big, thick one if you have it

Hat – you know you lose a whole load of your heat outta your head, don’t you?

Gloves – I took fingerless ones, great for still being able to fondle all the goodies at the Christmas Market, so I thought, and then ended up buying full ones because it was blummin FREEZING.

Nice top – depends what you’re doing, but we had a night at a fancy meal scheduled and so I took it to wear there.

Basel Christmas Market

 Knee high boots

Ankle boots – I packed two pairs of boots in case of rubbing, uncomfortable, extreme weathers, and wore them both.

Shoes are the most important tool to keep you warm and happy – don’t take this decision lightly.

Remember, warm and comfortable. Better to be too warm and be able to take a layer off, than too cold and frozen and moany.

Personally, I wouldn’t bother with thermals, but that depends where you’re going and how cold you get. I think they’re more of a skiing thing. Up to y’all.

  • Toiletries
  • I didn’t bother with shampoo and conditioner, seeing as the hotel provided and it was only two nights, but depends how often you like to wash your hair (me? Twice a week).
  • Make up
  • Moisturiser – that cold wind is baaad for your skin
  • Lip balm – and your lips
  • Deodorant
  • Toothbrush and paste
  • Hairbrush
  • Camera, of course, and charger
  • Phone
  • Plug adaptor

What to pack it in

Basel Christmas Market packing tips

This Thule case is blummin brilliant. I’ve had it for a while now and used it for weekends away, including the last time I went to Switzerland, to Saas Fee. It’s got two sides making it easy to organise, and you can split it so you can make one side fit in cabin luggage, and then carry the other side on board.


There are two front pockets for essentials (for me, cosmetics) or for stuffing a few last-minute things in.

It’s strong, sturdy, has good zips and looks sleek too. All this fit in with plenty of space for souvenirs (Toblerones) to bring back.

What to do in Basel

Make sure you eat at Rubino. Gawd, we had an incredible four-course meal there. It was so good. I mean, it was a press trip so I didn’t see the bill, but if you’ve got some cash to splash, go for it.

Restaurant in Basel

Basel Christmas Market

Basel Christmas Market

Basel Christmas Market

Basel Christmas Market Basel Christmas Market things to doWalk along the river, take pics, go in the boat, walk the bridges, ride the trams, go to the Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel toy museum, and get in the Christmassy spirit!

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