16+ Travel Themed Father’s Day Presents [Great Gifts for Dad in 2024]

What travel themed Father’s Day presents can you get for dad this year? Or do you need some inspiration for a gift for dad this Christmas / birthday?

Father’s Day in the UK should be a bit different this year. With lockdown hopefully easing on the 12th June, UK Father’s Day on the 20th June will be a weekend of celebration!

You’ll be able to pop over to see dad for a drink, give him a present or book in to some sort of experience day to thank him for yet another fabulous year of service. 

Christmas in Tenerife

– Me and my dad on a wander around the coast of Tenerife. Found a little bar, as is the FlipFlop way. 

Let’s get creative as to what you can buy the travelling loving dad in your life this year…

When is Father’s Day in 2021? 

Sunday 20th June 

fathers day 2020

– Me and my dad, back when you were allowed to stand that close

Travel Themed Father’s Day Presents

What are you going to buy the travel loving dad in your life? Here are my top recommendations for presents for dad this year…

1. A night away, in the future

Is your dad missing travel as much as me? 

Well, how about booking a night away for him on Booking.com?

where to stay in osaka

You can find a night to suit all kinds of budgets, and they have properties all over England and the world. Make sure to choose one with a good refund policy, and free cancellation. Although, book it for a few weeks time and you should be alright. 

Fingers crossed. 

You can get some great prices in really unique places in the New Forest, or how about cottages in the South Downs, or even glamping on the Isle of Wight.

2. A photobook

How about getting your dad a photo book from BonusPrint?

You could compile photos from a holiday together, or maybe any special moments from the last year, or from an experience you shared together?

Photobooks are a wonderful way to preserve memories, and to get those photos off your phone and into a format people will actually want to flick through. It’s really easy to make the books using the art editor suite. All books are super high quality and you can choose from plenty of options to make the photo book just right for what you want.

Photobooks make for great presents for dad!

3. A Japanese snack subscription box

Sakuraco is a monthly authentic Japanese snack subscription box that supports local Japanese snack makers.

Each box comes with 20 traditional, authentic, and artisan Japanese snacks including Japanese teas and special Japanese tableware. I’ve had a box to trial and we’ve had a wonderful week trying all the Japanese treats in there.

A Japanese subscription box is a really interesting way to travel the flavours of Japan, without actually going there.

Find out more about the Sakuraco snack box here.

4. Personalised Life Less Ordinary jewellery

Want to commemorate somewhere special you’ve been with your dad? How about buying them a specially engraved bracelet or necklace with the co-ordinates? 

Could be where you were born, and thus, first met. Or maybe a great holiday? Or… your home?

Presents for fathers day
fathers day presents

I’ve got one of the plum coloured coordinates bracelets with the coordinates from the village I grew up in, the almighty Barton-under-Needwood.

I love the idea of these Morse Code Bracelets too. Secret messages and numbers between you and your pa could make you feel all the closer in these crazy times. 

fathers day presents

All the jewellery is handmade in the studio in Brighton, by Amie and Joe. They’re all tough, durable and cruelty free. Also, 10% of the profits are donated to charity. Every bracelet is made to order, so you know you’ve got something really special to give your dad for Father’s Day. 

Buy a Life Less Ordinary bracelet on the website here. Prices start from £19. 

5. New Osprey day bag for hiking 

Is your dad the active kind? 

fathers day gifts

These roll top bags from Osprey are a great addition to their collection.

I’m a big fan of Osprey for travel luggage and have used them for my world adventures for years. I’ve recently added a deep red roll top rucksack to my collection, although thanks to the current situation haven’t really had a chance to take out, except for my one night on Richard Branson’s new cruise ship. Don’t think it was quite meant for that though. 

I know I’ll get some use this summer though, with the fun adventures I have planned. 

Spacious, durable and looks great – what’s not to like? 

6. Organise a virtual pub quiz

And if you’re suffering under the financial burden of the pandemic, you don’t have to spend money to show your love. How about arranging a virtual pub quiz?

There are loads of online quizzes now that you can just read out as your own. Even I’ve jumped on the bandwagon.

I’ve created a World Food Quiz and a BIG Festival Quiz for exactly that reason. Both have 50 questions and answers, and you can just download the question sheet PDF at the end for easy reading. I’ve also made an Airport Quiz and a Camping Quiz too.

Get your travel-loving dad on Zoom, Whatsapp or whichever video call software you prefer, and ask away. You could always rig it so he wins and then give him his present. 

Make a bit of a ceremony over the occasion, hey? 

My Unusual Christmas Quiz is one of the most popular on the internet!

7. Chrome Industries bags and clothes 

Chrome Industries have a fantastic range of cool bags for every occasion. The messenger bag, pannier bags and fold down backpacks look great, and they have hip slings and handle bar bags too. Great for the cycle loving dad in your life. 

fathers day presents 2020

I got a merino wool hoody from here last year, and love the warmth it gave me during my week skiing in Bulgaria at the start of 2020. Maybe your dad would like one of those? 

Speaking of…

8. A coat, it’s like a hug 

Want to give your dad a hug? Like in real life? Well you can’t, so next best thing… no, not a hug in a mug Cup a Soup, although that’s an idea – a coat. 

Looks like the weather is on the turn in England so how about sending your dad a nice warm coat to hug him in this chilly / rainy weather? 

fathers day coat

I’ve been getting emails from all kinds of outdoors companies advertising their sales. Find a coat you like on Blacks or Amazon, and then make sure you Google search it for the best possible deal.

Some places are offering half price right now. Oh, and sign up to the ASOS newsletter if you haven’t already. They keep having all kinds of crazy discount sales. 

9. Vouchers for a local restaurant 

Lots of restaurants around me are offering vouchers to be used in the future – how do you feel about that? 

You could get your dad some restaurant vouchers local to him. Choose his favourite, et voila, Father’s Day 2021 present done. 

Burgers at Outside In Food Court

– This beaut is from the Outside-In Food Court in Portsmouth. 

There are all kinds of restaurant voucher websites set up, but I’d recommend going straight to the restaurant if possible. It will give both of you the best deal, and give you that warm fuzzy feel. Also, bit more personal to select it outright, don’t you think? 

10. Or vouchers for a local activity 

Or, how about a local activity?

Right now you can buy vouchers for activities across England. I was looking up the Lake District the other day and found a company offering gift vouchers – obviously can’t find it again now. 

But, seek out your local activity or outdoor pursuits centre and you’ll find somewhere offering vouchers. If not, you can always look up those Red Letter Days adventures, or Virgin Experience Days. Always a tad expensive in my opinion though, to be honest. 

Solent Forts

My boyfriend and I did get to go and spend the day on No Man’s Fort in the middle of the Solent on Red Letter Days though, so I shouldn’t grumble. Although, to stay there would be a pretty expensive travel themed Father’s Day present!

Click here for more gifts for travel lovers!

11. Supermarket vouchers

Keep it easy and buy vouchers for somewhere easily accessible and definitely wanted right now. 

I was in Waitrose the other day – picking up some premium veg – and noticed they have some great deals on Champagne. You could pick up a Waitrose voucher in the shop to send in the card, and they can pick their own. Or beers, ciders or even fancy basics. A few quid to spend on treats in Waitrose sounds pretty good to me right now.

Sake in a supermarket

Or Marks and Spencer’s, of course. One of my main lockdown joys has been buying up the discount stuff in there whenever I happen to walk past. 

To make it more of a travel themed Father’s Day present, demand they spend it on something from another country. Shouldn’t be hard really – a nice Champers from France, a Malbec from Argentina or a pak choi from Asia should do the job. 

12. How about some hiking boots? 

And a promise to get out and go for a hike together, when you’re allowed. 

travel themed Father's Day present

I had some hiking boots from KEEN just before lockdown, and used them in Japan but then unfortunately have had little reason to ever since. If your dad loves the great outdoors, and his idea of fun is hiking in the Mendip Hills, or hiking in Costa Rica (he’ll be lucky), then a pair of hiking boots are a winner to get him excited. 

You can check out the full KEEN range of hiking boots on their website, or take a look at the hiking boots on Amazon

13. Order him a takeaway 

If, like me, you live a few hours away from your beloved Father, then BBQs and family dinners could be out of the question. Instead, you could order them a takeaway in, from their favourite cuisine. 

I’d go Thai. 

food on the princess cruise ship

Again, try to order direct from the restaurant for the best deal, rather than through some 3rd party app or website. 

Probably best to let him know it’s coming in the morning too, just so he can prepare. 

14. National Trust membership 

If your dad is a fan of the outdoors, and likes to look round stately homes, then how about a National Trust membership for Father’s Day this year?

He might not be able to exercise all the privileges the card offers right now, but when the sites open up again, it’ll be a great way to get back out there. 

With National Trust membership you can enjoy:

  • Free entry (on pre-booking) to some of our gardens and parklands as they reopen
  • Free parking at most of our coast and countryside car parks (pre-booking required for a small number of car parks) as they reopen
  • Members’ Handbook, full of information about our places
  • National Trust Magazine three times a year, packed with inspiration, interviews and news

Plus, when all of our places and car parks reopen:

  • Free entry to over 500 special places, including our houses
  • Free parking at most National Trust car parks

Prices start from £72 per year. 

15. Buy an experience

Has your dad always gone on about a skill he wanted to learn, or something he wanted to see? My dad once bought a book on learning Russian, although I still haven’t heard him speak any. I could buy him a language course in Russian for Father’s Day, would you like that dad? 

I assume he’s reading this. 

You can find a course in anything you could imagine on the internet. Check out Udemy for the more studious skills, or Airbnb virtual experiences for more hands on travel fun…

online with airbnb

On WithLocals you could book a virtual experience in pizza making, and send your dad all the ingredients beforehand. You can have up to 10 people to enjoy this pizza making experience with Armando on WithLocals. Or how about his drive round Berlin with a local, or even an opportunity to learn more about Greek myths and legends in Athens?

Pretty cool and different, hey? 

16. Sightseeing Open Ticket for City Cruises London

City sightseeing cruises

Or, how about a Sightseeing Open Ticket for City Cruises London?

City Cruises London has launched a new Open Ticket option for sightseeing, daytime and evening sailings, which means you can buy an experience for you and your Dad today but you have until the end of 2021 to book a space onboard for a cruise down the River Thames. Tickets start from £19 per person, upto £82+ for a dinner cruise. Click here to see the undated City Cruise tickets deals. 

A few more ideas for Father’s Day presents 

Athletic dads will be well into a fitness watch for Father’s Day. Or, how about some bud earphones? I’ve just got these Galaxy buds and absolutely love them – so convenient, sleek and easy to use. Also, the sound quality is great. They’ll be great on the plane. 

fathers day presents

How about some aftershave? You can buy these great little versions of all the top fragrances from Amazon. Has he still got a DVD player or a CD player? You could buy a nostalgic CD or DVD for each of you, and either set up a cinema outside, watch at the same time at home, or just reminisce by text throughout. Something that reminds you of your childhood?

If you live together, how about creating a cinema set up in your living room? You could play his favourite travel films and serve popcorn. It’ll be a great experience to remember forever. 

Does your dad enjoy a pint or three? Check out this list of the greatest gifts for beer lovers from mamalovesadrink.com. Some cool ideas to make your dad happy this Father’s Day / Christmas / Birthday…

Father’s Day cards

So, Father’s Day cards. I’m sending a written one this year, just feel it’s a little bit more personal. Best get to sending it quick though, the post has not been good for me lately. 

If you don’t want to pick one and send it, there are much simpler ways to go about it. My favourite is Thortful, they have some great cards on there. Or, check out Moonpig, Funky Pigeon or Etsy – there’s always a good range on those sites. You’ll find some great Father’s Day cards to go, which you can personalise on the front, and on the inside. 

Father’s Day

fathers day presents

– Me, my bro and dad living it up in Samos, Greece.

I hope this list of travel themed Father’s Day presents has given you some ideas. 

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