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Cheap Things to Do in Agadir

For a beach holiday with (almost) guaranteed sun and close to Europe without the expensive euro currency Agadir is your destination. The food is delicious, there is little to do but relax and the beach promenade is brand, spanking new.

Food and drink in Agadir

You can get a 3-course meal for 2 with wine for under 450dh (€) easily. We had the most incredible tajines – often one of the cheapest things on the menu. I had the biggest sole I’ve ever eaten at Le Nil Bleu on the seafront, and a delicious fruity chicken and pumpkin tajine at La Majestique but my favourite restaurant was Le Velodrome.

During my 5 days we had a Napoli pizza with big, fat, fresh and flavoursome anchovies, a plentiful salad niciouse that although a starter could easily have been a main, amazing beef tajines with potently flavoured sauce and a big fat full-of-chicken calzone. Service was great, the evening entertainment was the best we saw and it was right on the beachfront.

Café del Mar on the beachfront was a great coffee place with beautiful views and excellent for people watching. Coffee was 20dh (€).

What to do

Le Oiseaux Zoo is free. It features two very angry looking monkeys and many species of birds including flamingos, parrots and some goats. While we were there 5 peacocks were in a mating standoff for the attention of one peahen – very entertaining.

Excursions from Agadir are popular. A man in the street charmed the two of us to go dune buggying for 550dh. It took us about 45 minutes to drive out there, past the beautiful Moroccan houses of Inezgane and into the derelict shanty towns of the outskirts of Agadir. They dropped us on a dirt track and after an initial fear at the disorganisation we had an absolutely brilliant time.

The beautiful beach was expansive and there were pay-for sun loungers. They had watersports equipment and lessons hire including jet skis, surf boards and kiteboards.

Accommodation in Agadir

Hotel Residence Rihab was a good hotel with a spacious room. We had an en suite bathroom and a little kitchen with a fridge. We also had a great view of Agadir beach, although this was via all the building work that was going on outside. The hotel had a pool, a restaurant and a panoramic bar. We were about 10 minutes walk from the beach, a 120dh grande taxi ride from the airport and the staff were very kind in helping us with our onward journey to Marrakesh.

When to go

I went April 27 – May 2 (5 days). Because of the rain this was plenty of time. Agadir is supposedly sunny year-round, bar the first 5 days of the 5th month – so the locals told me.

Agadir nightlife

Apparently there is some but we didn’t indulge. There are a few bars including The English Pub and The Blue Orange. There are also a few clubs, but from the amount of people we saw there I can’t imagine they were very full. They were attached to the hotels.

On the Saturday evening the local families crowded on the main strip and just seemed to sit and stare at the tourists and the tourist bars. I noticed them staring at me and talking to eachother – I was wearing a strappy dress and leggings but felt uncomfortable. Your restaurant will probably put on some sort of entertainment. In Le Nil Bleu there was a man who spun drums?! and in Le Velodrome they had a pianist and the famous ‘shaky-shoulder-man’. You’ll have to check it out for yourself!

Go if you’re…

Looking for a cheap family beach holiday or a romantic escape.

Don’t go if you’re…

Looking for a boozy holiday, need to be constantly entertained, don’t like the beach.

Onwards to Marrakesh

From our hostel it was 60dh to the Gare Routiere via a petit taxi, which is a little red car that covers short distances for a minimal rate. We paid 100dh each for the 4-hour bus journey to Marrakesh with Supratours. It was a modern coach with toilet facilities and a stop after two hours at a service station.

Spending total

  • Taxi from airport to Hostel Residence Rihab 120dh
  • 5 nights accommodation at Residence Rihab 2200dh
  • 2 tagines and 4 beers at 300dh
  • 2 x 3 hours dune buggying 450dh
  • 8 x orange juice (breakfast) 120dh
  • 8 x coffee at Cafe del Mar 160dh
  • 2 x ice cream 30dh
  • 1 x newspaper 45dh
  • John Dory, Chicken Tagine and 2 x Crepe Suzette at Le Nil Bleu 350dh
  • 4 x Plat du Jours at 280dh
  • 2 x burgers at Cafe del Mar 180dh
  • Fried squid, Salad Nicoise, Calzone and wine at Le Velodrome 360dh
  • Pizza, Beef tagine and 4 beers at Le Velodrome 250dh
  • Sole and Beef tagine at Le Velodrome 150dh
  • Bottle of wine at Cafe del Mar 120dh
  • 10 Beers and 2 wine in the shop 100dh
  • Taxi from Le Velodrome to hotel (rain!) 30dh
  • Taxi to bus station 60dh
  • TOTAL = 5,305dh = £416

Word of warning

Beggars and men will try to sell you stuff all the time. As you walk the promenade they will try to sell you excursions. Learn to say no!

Top 3 things to buy

  1. Food from Le Velodrome!
  2. Converse trainers
  3. Leather goods
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