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7 Glastonbury Essentials You Haven’t Thought Of Yet

Essentials for GlastoNearly time for Glastonbury! I’m sure you’ve checked out my Glastonbury packing list, and taken a look at the mistakes I made my first time there, especially so you don’t have to. Now’s the time to let you in on a few Glastonbury essentials to ensure you don’t need to waste any time and money buying things from the on site shops.

1. Plasters

How often do you spend four days in wellies? I can pretty much guarantee that your wellies will rub with all that walking you’re going to be doing. Take some plasters with you so you don’t have to waste time queuing for them in the shop to find they’ve run out. Also useful for sticking things together, and the inevitable injuries all the city types will get attempting to put up a tent in the countryside. Even if you don’t end up with an injury you could always wear these kids’ ones in an ironic, non ironic way.

Or just go all out and get yourself a First Aid Kit, it’s only £2.

2. Long socks

If you’ve got wellies you’ll want some ridiculous long socks to go underneath so your legs don’t get sweaty / cold. I’d advise not skimping on these and getting a pair or two for every day, as your feet will welly sweat and that feeling of putting on a fresh pair of socks is all the better when the rest of you is filthy.

3. TravelJohn and toilet shield

It’s 4am, you’ve just got settled in your tent for a few hours of sleep and then, of course, you need the toilet. Do you make a run for it across the campsite to the stinky portaloos, or do you bow out to your toilet shield and piss on some Travel John Disposable Urinal crystals before crawling back to bed. I know which one I’d prefer. Or, you could just use your tent porch, up to you my friend.

4. Bin bags

At Glasto you’ll find your bin bags are useful for:

  • a) Collecting up your rubbish
  • b) Waterproofing all the things
  • c) Including yourself
  • d) Making fancy dress costumes
  • e) Separating your clean, dirty and filthy clothes in your backpack
  • f) Carrying around to sit on.

5. Tent kite

Whether you’ve bought a zebra print pop up or an army green two man from Halfords, there’ll be someone else with the same tent as you. And if you’ve got a blue one, you’re screwed.

To avoid any awkward situations get yourself one of these weird flying things apparently called windsocks to attach to your temporary abode. It’ll blow in the wind, look pretty, and show you exactly where your tent is in the midst of all the others.

6. Nail varnish

The only way I can deal with how disgustingly dirty my fingernails get at festivals is to cover it up with nail varnish. Paint your nails before you go, and take it for touch ups. That way you’ll never have to face the fact your nails house all the germs.

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7. Mirror

Nobody wants to see you before you’ve looked in a mirror of a morn. Splash out on this little reflective surface and you can emerge from your tent a festival beauty, or closer to that than you were ten minutes previously anyway.

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