What’s the Average Travel Blogger Salary?

I’m being nosy and have some rare time on my hands so I thought I’d try and work out the average travel blogger salary, just for… research.

To be a paid blogger is now one of the most popular career goals for kids (and adults) in these crazy online times, but how much can you actually even earn as a travel blogger, really?

How much does a travel blogger make?

Travel blogger salary

It’s hard to guess by appearances – if you take Instagram accounts and blog posts as gospel. Sure, holidays, new clothes, cocktails and fancy dinners would usually mean a person was raking it in, but y’know travel bloggers get a lot of this stuff in return for coverage on their blog. Many holidays are sponsored, clothes are gifted (or ‘borrowed’) and some travel bloggers don’t actually have homes to keep up while they go off gallivanting around the world. 

I’m talking like I’m not one of these travel bloggers, like I’m writing a study of them, but actually, I’m one too. Have been for over six years now.

Wanna know how much I earn? 

In a minute. Let me guess at the others first.

Typical Travel Blogger Jobs

Aka, how does a travel blogger make money?

Salary of a travel blogger

The travel bloggers who make the most have many income streams, I can say that for certain. You can’t just write a travel blog about your thoughts and feelings in a destination and expect the cash to magically come rolling in.

You need to use every ounce of entrepreneurialism you have, every skill, and every bit of knowledge to make travel blogging make money for you. Here are some of the typical ways travel bloggers make money so they can travel the world and get paid for it. 


Affiliate income

Running tours

Selling products

Running courses

Writing courses


Social media management

Freelance writing

Writing books


travel blogger salary

Some of the best travel blogger income reports

One of the best ways to work out how much travel bloggers are earning, is to look at the open and honest travel blogger income reports around the web. I love how people put this stuff online…

It’s a Lovely Life March 2018 Income Report – $208,558.17

Heleneinbetween October 2017 Income Report – $12,026.78

Living the Dream April 2018 Income Report – $3,984

WhereverWriter February 2018 Income Report – $3,575.05

So between $3500 and $209k per month, niiiice?!

Just to note though, a lot of travel bloggers have an invested interest in leading you to believe they earn more than they actually do. Whether that’s because they’re selling a travel blogging course, a lifestyle, a product or something else. So just bear that in mind – definitely not saying the travel bloggers responsible for the income reports above do – just, y’know, some people.

Not all travel bloggers earn even close to that much though.

travel blogger salary

Top earning travel bloggers

Like many industries, there are a few people at the top earning a small fortune. If you’re a travel blogger with a successful course, with affiliates promoting it, a long standing blog, get to work with brands and have over 100k page views a month – the money could be rolling in. 

If you want to know which travel bloggers are earning the most money, check out my friends’ Kach and Jonathan’s guide over at Two Monkeys Travel. They’ve compiled a list of the top earning travel bloggers as revealed by the travel bloggers themselves.


How much do travel bloggers earn?

I think the only British person on that list is Monica from The Travel Hack, apart from the Monkeys, so well done her. She definitely should’ve bought the beers in Finland last month!

If you want to read more about the top earning travel bloggers, all earning over six figures a year, you can read some of their secrets below. I scoured some of the top travel blogs for evidence of their finances. Nosey? Me? 

– Caz & Craig make over 6 figures a year over at the super popular family travel blog yTravelBlog.com.

– Goats on the Road make over $100,000 / year. 

– Johnny Ward is a travel blogger millionaire and earns $30,000 A MONTH

– Nomadic Matt makes over $750,000 PER YEAR.

* Just to note, the bloggers have above have entire teams behind them, so they have a lot of spends too. Here’s Matt’s Team for example, and here’s ytravelblog’s. 

How I Learned to Make Money Travel Blogging, from Nomadic Matt
– the world’s highest earning blogger!

My guesses at travel blogger salaries

So, how much does a travel blogger make per year?

First rule of getting a salary in England is that we don’t discuss the salary. I know what a few of my friends earn, the journalist ones-ish, but even some of my besties I wouldn’t have a clue. None of my business apparently. 

salary of a travel blogger

These travel blogger salaries are a guesstimate based on my own experiences, an insider knowledge of the industry and from what I’ve heard.

1. Started travel blogging in the last three years, a few sources of income and some outside brand presence, at least 100 blog posts = £20,000

2. Travel blogging for a few years, focuses on blog for at least 5 sources of income, works with brands, does it full time = £40,000

3. Travel blogging for a few years, focuses on blog for at least 5 sources of income, plus some sort of successful course or product, does it full time and won’t do anything for free or in return = £60,000

4. Travel blogging since the start, super successful Instagram and / or YouTube presence, numerous sources of income, well known = £90,000

5. Travel blogging since the start, super successful Instagram and / or YouTube presence, numerous sources of income, well known, and American = £100,000+

READ MORE: Practical Wanderlust made $22,000 travel blogging in her first full year, although just $65.07 in her first six months. 

The ‘average blogger salary’ is kind of a ridiculous and unmeasurable calculation.. It’d be like saying ‘what does the average singer earn’? You have the likes of Zoella reeling in the millions, and then the millions of bloggers worldwide not making a penny. The spectrum of salary has very different ends. 

As for me, with my delightful travel blog? In and around number 2, give or take 10%. I’m British, my fingertips literally won’t type to reveal the exact amount!

Earning potential of travel bloggers

Travel blogging isn’t like beauty blogging, food blogging or fitness blogging – for most people travel isn’t something they do daily. It’s something they may spend a year or two on, and then it’s back to the once to three times a year when families, jobs and finances get in the way. This means that travel bloggers sell less through their blogs, but when they do, the value will be higher. They’re more of an information source than other types of bloggers, making it difficult to predict what they earn.

Earning money as a travel blogger

Many bloggers work on an affiliate basis, where they will get some sort of kickback if they manage to sell a product through their site, but travel bloggers are inspiration. Even if we do inspire or persuade someone to travel in our footsteps, it might be a year or two until they actually do it. And by then any reference to the fact that it was you who inspired them to go will be erased or forgotten.

Travel bloggers also have to invest a lot to start off, in our travels, before we start making any back. All things to consider if you’re looking at the finances of becoming a travel blogger as a career choice.

On the flipside though, the earning potential of a travel blogger is totally uncapped. This excites me greatly.

The harder you work, the more creative you are, the more you think about it, the more you do – the more you can earn. 


Typical travel blogger rates

This is difficult to talk about without naming exact campaigns, bloggers, their audience sizes, and prices – but just to give you an idea…

salary as a travel blogger

– A friend of mine with around 20k Instagram followers recently went to the launch of a new travel themed food item and was paid £800 to attend and to create an Instagram post on it. 

– I’ve worked with different tourist boards for (on average) a week to create social media content, a video and multiple blog posts and been paid between £1000-£2000 a time. 

– It’s normal for a travel blogger with an audience size of around 50,000 U/Vs to be paid £500 to do a product review on their blog and receive the product for free.

– Travel bloggers can be paid upwards of £200 to takeover a company’s Instagram Stories for the day.

– Many bloggers I know wouldn’t even consider going to a destination for a week unless they were paid at least £1000 in return for the content they produce.

But, also, they’re asked, expected and have done, loads of stuff for free.

salary for a travel blogger

READ MORE: How to Successfully Create a Travel Blog in 2018

7 steps to earning a good salary as a travel blogger

Many bloggers earning good money from their travel blogs are in that lucky position because they started early, obviously. Their blogs and sites have gained traction from years of hard work and attention online. They deserve their place on the top earning travel bloggers score board. 

Don’t let their rich history put you off though, there are still ways to make money as a travel blogger if you start your blog now…


You’ll need to be willing to invest your time, for no financial return. For at least two years I ran my blog as a labour of love and to practice what I was learning at work.


Do a highly regarded course to get ahead and learn as much as possible. Nomadic Matt is the highest grossing travel blogger and it’s him who helped me to learn how to make money. I can’t recommend his course enough. Check out my review of what you’ll learn here.


Stand out. There are so many travel bloggers now that it’s no longer enough to just be ‘a travel blogger’, you need to have a niche and some sort of direction. Think of a way to stand out from the crowd to make you the go to person for that topic.


Skill up. Be reeeeally good at one thing – photography, writing, Facebook, videomaking etc – and then keep working on everything else. Back up there ^ somewhere, I said how the highest earning travel bloggers have multiple income streams – remember that. You need to be always learning, always thinking and always executing.
Super Star Blogging


Do cool stuff. The world does not need another guide to Barcelona, trust me. Have some sort of gimmick, or do cool things, or go to awesome places and do cool things in those places, that no one else does, to really try and stand out. Do something to write home about. 


Have a business mind. Many travel bloggers are creative, but to make money they need to be business minded too. If you’re serious about making a lot of money from travel blogging then every decision you make needs to be business minded, even if the decision you make for your business isn’t to be business minded to look like some carefree traveller. Get me? Read books, read well written sites, and learn about the professional side of travel blogging to give yourself the best chance.


Congratulate yourself on the small wins. As a travel blogger every day you are working towards building something bigger. You cannot expect to be the highest earning travel blogger in a few months – Nomadic Matt has been working at it for over 10 years, me, six. As you slowly build your empire, remember to congratulate yourself when things go right and keep your eye on the bigger picture.

I 100% believe that with hard work, knowledge and enthusiasm you can come and join us mid-earning travel bloggers, earning a decent salary, working from home and travelling for a career. Once you’ve got that nailed, then you can start thinking about bringing in those glorious six figures. 

How soon will I start earning money from travel blogging?

I started earning money after about six months – we’re talking a few quid though, not much. It took about three years – could’ve been two but I was reluctant to give up my job – for me to start making a basic full time income of it. Since then I’ve travelled the world for three years and managed to top up my savings to buy a house by myself through what I’ve earned from my travel blog.

I started my blog in February 2012, back when no one really knew what they were doing and we were just muddling through. Now there are so many courses on how to make money travel blogging, and so much information and many opportunities out there, that with some hard work and a bit of luck you could be earning quicker than I did.

Or, you could set it all up, all gung ho, and then slowly drift away from it once you realise how much hard work it is to maintain. Up to you.

“Most travel blogs will be lucky if they last longer than a year”. – Expert Vagabond

It’s impossible to say how soon you’ll start earning money from travel blogging, it depends how much work you put in, how much you know and how lucky you are.

Good luck with it all though, and as always, let me know if you have any questions, and how you get on!

Start work on your travel blogger salary today

If you want to know more about travel blogging, check out my FREE Travel Blogger High course online, or take a look at my post about how Nomadic Matt helped me to learn how to make money through travel blogging.

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  1. by Steve Biggs on May 4, 2018  10:47 am Reply

    Let's start with a low bar :) I've been travel blogging purely as an enjoyable sideline to my FT salaried digital analytics career job since the start of 2016. Blog earnings to date = £800. Directly £500 for a video I posted on Jukin Media and £75 for a sponsored blog post ... & then indirectly £150 discount off a Stockholm hotel rate and a £75 free tour in Paris (both of which I was going to pay full price for anyway). £0 so far from my Amazon affiliate links.

  2. by Zori on May 5, 2018  3:03 pm Reply

    This post is packed with some really fascinating insights. Thanks a lot for writing this!

  3. by Rachel on June 20, 2018  7:18 pm Reply

    This is so insightful and pretty thought-provoking! It's mad to think some bloggers are earning such huge amounts from their sites and videos etc. I think like you say, it's good to remember they will have started small and done a lot for free!I'm starting to get lots of local attractions for free and glamping stay which I find super exciting!

    • by VickyFlipFlop on June 22, 2018  11:27 am Reply

      Oh that IS exciting! I think it makes sense that people are earning so much, when they have such big audiences. Some bloggers' audiences are bigger than magazines. I think as people have moved to getting their information online the blogger were ahead of the curve. It's all interesting to watch and observe – I guess we'll see!

  4. by VickyFlipFlop on June 22, 2018  1:15 pm Reply

    No worries, I'm glad you found it helpful. So interesting to see what people are actually earning from travel blogging isn't it?

  5. by VickyFlipFlop on June 22, 2018  1:17 pm Reply

    Sorry I hadn't replied earlier Steve, don't know how I missed that. Are you happy with what you've earned? I think there are a lot of people earning a little pocket money from their blogs, which is great. Helps with the costs. I guess it's only if you plan to pursue it as a full time job that you need to start thinking about how to bring in the big bucks, if you've got your main job then there's no need to put so much pressure on yourself to perform. Just enjoy it!

  6. by inflatablekayaker on November 18, 2018  4:31 pm Reply

    You've done your research and posted huge amount of travel blogger contents. I'm really a fan of your writing these days. Would you mind if i share this article to my students?

    • by VickyFlipFlop on December 3, 2018  10:31 am Reply

      Hello Michel, if it's just IRL then yeah, sure, share away! If you're sharing online it'd be great to know where exactly you were sharing it to. Thanks!

  7. by Michel on November 21, 2018  10:39 pm Reply

    Thank you, very informative. Even though you don't want to share exact numbers, maybe you could share a range of how much earning you've reached at Y+1, Y+2, ... ?

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  9. by Agness on January 6, 2019  2:11 pm Reply

    Hi Vicky, this article is an encouragement to future bloggers. It is very informative. Thanks

    • by VickyFlipFlop on January 11, 2019  9:41 am Reply

      Oh I hope it's helped inspire you! As we know travel blogging isn't all about the money, but you've got to be able to pay for your flights somehow!

  10. by Ellis Pickering on October 15, 2019  5:42 am Reply

    Hi VickyFlipFlopTravels, this content is an encouragement to future bloggers. It is very informative. Thanks for this.

    • by VickyFlipFlop on October 16, 2019  10:59 am Reply

      No worries. Interesting to see hey?! I'm happy to say my income has gone up since I wrote this post but it's been a long road!

  11. by francis on October 22, 2019  4:52 am Reply

    Nice to read and gain more knowledge - no blog yet but thinking about it - and the information helps. Really great for all the pointers

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