It’s really easy to get your visa for Vietnam. New laws mean you can now just get your Vietnam visa on arrival when you get there and you don’t have to faff around worrying about going to the Vietnamese Embassy in London.

Visa on arrival for Vietnam

If you get your visa on arrival in Vietnam you are guaranteed:

  • Hassle-free: 100% online procedure, no passport send-off (means no worries!)
  • Convenience: Applicable for all air-travellers to Vietnam (no country exclusions)
  • Faster: Maximum 48 hour processing time (apply online more than 48 hours in advance to guarantee the visa will be waiting for you)
  • Cheaper: Low service fee, no hidden charge (it’s just $16USD / £10.27 on top of the visa fee)
  • More accessible: Best choice for those living far from Embassies (the amount you spend in time and money getting to the embassy will be cancelled out)

How to pay

You can pay by OnePay, PayPal, Western Union or bank transfer for your visa on arrival. With you’ll be able to pick up the visa at both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City Airports.

How did I get my Vietnam visa?

Getting your visa on arrival for Vietnam is an alternative way for obtaining your visa. When I went to Vietnam I went through the lengthy process of both me and my friend having to take time of work to pick it up and drop it off. Luckily we both lived in London at the time and it wasn’t too much trouble. This way you can just pay the tenner and get it on arrival.

Getting the Vietnam visa on arrival this way is recognised by IATA, the Embassy Hanoi and the US Department of State so there’s no need to worry, just enjoy the time you’ve saved!

How to apply

  1. Fill in a visa form, it only takes a few minutes.
  2. Confirm the information and pay the service fee.
  3. Get the Vietnam visa approval letter within 2 working days.
  4. Pick up your visa at you chosen Vietnam airport.

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