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Step by Step Guide to Starting Your Own Travel Blog

So you’re thinking of starting a travel blog? As a travel blogger I will obviously say that that’s a fantastic decision and has been one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made. I say go for it! And here is how you can do so …

1. Choose Your Domain Name


Your domain name is actually very important. It is better to go with something original, easy to remember, easy to spell, and that leaves an impression. Just your name @ WordPress or Blogger is not going to stand out and won’t be successful. So, be creative and think of how you want to brand your blog to your future readers. Think of the things too that you would be interested enough to click on if you came across a new blog. Once you think you have a good idea, run the domain name through a WHOIS Domain Lookup to see if it is available. This one costs nothing and easy to use. If your name of choice is free, then you’re in business!

2. Choose Your CMS and Design the Blog

With so many website builders out there, the options are pretty much endless. Pick a Content Management System (CMS) that works for you, whether it is something like WordPress, or something more advanced if you have the know-how to design the website yourself. Make sure that the design is clean and straightforward so that it is simple enough for your readers to navigate and isn’t visually overwhelming. Be sure to embrace a photo optimal design, and incorporate a lightbox subscription pop-up, as well as links to your social media accounts. These will all be extremely important features for later on when you want to start making money through your blog.

3. Get Hosted

Woman on Tropical Beach with Laptop Computer

Although the bigger blog site builders – WordPress and Blogger – are already hosted, if you go with another CMS or design on your own, in order to be less cookie-cutter and end up with a really intriguing blog, then you will also need to look into a company to host your site online. There are again almost an unlimited amount of options for this, so go with a company that meets your immediate and future needs, and one that you trust. The best way to know if a company offers good service is to read through customer reviews.

4. Launch with Creative Content

The last step is to actually write your content. Make sure that it is well-written and engaging, as well as includes a lot of high-quality images. People like to see the beautiful travel destinations that you’re talking about after all – it’s pretty much the whole purpose of reading travel blogs. Of course you will have to learn how to come up with great ideas for multiple blog posts out of a single trip, since you most likely can’t afford to travel to a new destination for every single post and don’t want your posting schedule to be so irregular that your readers lose interest. It’s good to try and think of at least 5 posts ahead for new and exciting content ideas, and really make it a daily practice to come up with new ideas and jot them down.

Getting started is actually pretty easy. Within a couple of hours to a couple of days you can have your blog up and running. The hardest part is maintaining a regular posting schedule and building up your blog readership and authority enough to start making money through your blog. This I will cover in another post, so stay tuned!

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