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Travel Blogger High: The Online School for Wannabe Travel Bloggers

How do I start a travel blog?

When Google released it’s top ten travel-related questions from 2014 ‘How do I start a travel blog?’ was number three. Interestingly ‘How do you get paid to travel?’ was number six and ‘What are jobs where you can travel?’ came in at number four. I know the answer to all three of these questions, and four of the remaining seven, but they’re not quite so interesting so I’ll leave them for another time.

In response I’ve set up Travel Blogger High to tell you all the things I wish I’d known about how to start a travel blog in a simple, understandable and methodical way – just like learning new things was should’ve been at school.

Travel Blogger High

My blog is almost three years old and has bought me an incredible range of opportunities and friendships. My lifestyle means I’m on a constant ‘Travel Blogger High’. Using my experience I’m going to reveal how you can reach your travel blogging goals with the advice and lessons I’ve learned over the years. From technical know-how, to mindset, to productivity, scoring free press trips and earning good money, it’s all ploughed into this 15-part series.

Travel blogging is so new that even the oldest bloggers are only a few years, a bit of luck, and some hard earned knowledge ahead of any newbies. There’s plenty of room for more successful travel boggers – it’s just down to you to collect as much knowledge as possible and work out your own path for yourself.

Initially I set my travel blog up as a way to practice what I was doing at work… today it’s providing me enough of an income to travel 24/7.



The lessons…

For now

If you’re thinking about setting up a travel blog, go for it. Or, check out 5 inevitable conversations when you reveal you’re a travel blogger: it’s best you know what your exciting travel blogger future has in store for you!


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