An English, an Irish and an Aussie met at summer camp. They got on very well and decided they should go on Easter holiday together. The Aussie decided we should shun the sunnier climes and go to Interlaken in Switzerland. A place she’d heard only great things about.

Having fun in Interlaken

We decided to book Manchester flights seeing as I lived just up the road from the airport and could persuade my friend to drive us there. We were going to go skiing, play in the snow, go canyoning and just have an all round brilliant time.

10 days before we were due to leave I lost my job.

So I was headed to the most expensive country in the world with no money (as usual) and no job to pay back the usual credit card bill that funds all these trips.

Then on the morning we were due to fly the Aussie missed her train and so had to pay for a taxi to the airport. That was her wiped out too. The Irish had been persuaded by some other friends to go on a girlie holiday as she’d need some sun after this one.

None of us had any money, so, what did we do… ?

Visited the Chocolate Factory

For £10 you can watch an amazing 20-minute demonstration on how they create the incredible intricacies. And, you get to eat as much chocolate as you possibly can. Win.

Walked around the town

Interlaken is absolutely beautiful. Even through the cold and the rain we could see what a scenic place it was. We spent a lot of time walking around and taking photos of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountains that surrounded us and the stunning lakes too*.

Jumped the trains

Please don’t tell mum, but we rode the Jungfrau train without a ticket. It was amazing and we got pretty high up the mountain before we saw a ticket inspector and got off. We found a mountain bar where we had a warming whisky before we realised we night was setting in. We managed to get to the bottom for free, and then realised it should’ve cost us around £50. Ooops. Don’t try this at home.

Things to do in Interlaken

Admired the tat in the souvenir shops

You can buy anything you can imagine with the Swiss flag emblazoned on it in the shops in Interlaken. Chocolate in every shape and form is also popular, or of course, a Swiss Army Knife. We whiled away the hours admiring single every piece of it.

Sat at the hostel eating Toblerones

They were cheap at Balmers reception and I’d discovered the fruit and nut one for the first time. We spent a good amount of our 5-day holiday sitting around at the hostel and chatting to anyone who passed. We also had a Swiss fondue which was  quite disturbing after the amount of chocolate we’d eaten.

Whipped out the credit card

The saddest thing about my trip was that I’d actually had snowboarding lessons in preparation. I was so excited to try out all the winter sports but Interlaken was in between seasons so none of the summer activities were available – we couldn’t even hire a bike – and the winter ones were just too expensive for us.

The one thing we did treat ourselves to was hang gliding over the Alps, if that’s not worth getting in unescapable debt for then I don’t know what is…

What to do when you have no money in Interlaken

*Unfortunately my laptop was stolen which had the photos from Interlaken on – had to use Flickr so thanks Smaku and Megatick.

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