The food in Vietnam is absolutely incredible. This is pretty much everything I ate during my two-week Vietnam trip to get you excited about the culinary offerings over there. Rather than pump my Instagram feed full of my gorging I thought I’d document it all here for your viewing pleasure.

Spare a thought for my wasitline when you see the  8-course wedding banquet…

Food in Vietnam

4 different types of spring roll, why not?

Food in Vietnam

Just to complete the spring roll gorge – fried ones

Food in Vietnam

You can probably tell, but I made these spring rolls on board the Golden Lotus

Prawns in Vietnam

King Prawns on the Golden Lotus Junk Boat

Food in Vietnam

The almighty and delicious Pho – my favourite meal in Vietnam

Food in Vietnam

More pho – yum

Prawns in Nha Trang, Vietnam

Fried shrimp and lemon mackerel by the Pagoda in Nha Trang

Food in Vietnam

This was the last supper – Pho

Food in Vietnam

Wedding course 7: lychees in iced water

Ice Cream in Hanoi

Delicious banana split by the lake in Hanoi

Noodles and rice in Vietnam

Fruit samples on the Mekong Delta Tour

Food in Vietnam

Sure they said this was vermicelli rice noodle?

Mussel soup in Vietnam

Clam soup

Noodles in Hoi An Vietnam

Chicken noodles in Hoi An

Food in Vietnam

Chicken Noodles at White Lotus in Hoi An

meat in baguette Vietnam

Errm, something we found on a street when we were hungry. Tasty.

Noodles and rice in Vietnam

This was possibly my most favourite and memorable, Bum Cha. It was cold with noodles and beef, and absolutely delicious.

Food in Vietnam

Wedding course 2: Breaded prawns in some green deliciousness

Prawns and salad in Nha Trang


Rice and crabby dinner

Wedding course 4: noodles and prawn crackers

Food in Vietnam

Wedding course 5: Pho

Food in Vietnam

Noodle starters that came like blinis. Mind. Blown.

Food in Vietnam

Wedding course 6: Marshmallows and beef

Food in Vietnam

More spring rolls

Bahn Mi in Vietnam

Bahn Mi at Ho Chi Minh City Airport

Banh Bao Vietnam

Banh Bao Pork buns on the street

Beef in broth pho in Vietnam

Wow, yet another Pho. This one was mega spicy.

Eggs and bread street stall vietnam

Best breakfast I’ve ever had? Eggy bun in Nha Trang.

Eggs breakfast at Sun City

Eggs breakfast at Sun City. Milkshake was yum.

Claypot in Vietnam

Catfish Claypot in Hanoi

Food on the Funky Monkey boat

Noodles, spinach, rice, soup, prawns on funky monkey boat

Fish and rice Halong Bay

Fish and rice after Halong Bay

Fish at the wedding in Vietnam

Wedding course 3: Fishies

dough balls and beer

Sickly greasy dough balls and bia hoi on the street

Calamari in Vietnam

So much food once we got off the Golden Lotus Tour

Clay pot in Vietnam

Braised beef clay pot

beef strips and rice Hanoi

Beef with chilli and lemongrass

Beef and salad in Nha Trang

Beef and salad in Nha Trang

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