19 years ago today I boarded a plane from England to France to go to Euro Disney. At aged 10, it was my first trip abroad. Every 1 December I still remember it. I was seriously like those adverts when they tell the kids they’re going to Euro Disney and they go crazy. I had a den at home, in my wardrobe, and I made a countdown calendar to mark the day. It’s been firmly imprinted in my memory ever since.

My first trip abroad

When I was visiting my parents a few weeks ago I found these in my cupboard. I’d been so fascinated by the little sugars on the plane I decided to keep them, and even label them. How very sweet of me. I also kept the packaging from some of the sweets I’d had at Euro Disney – I just wanted to remember it forever.

My family went with my auntie, uncle and cousins and we stayed at the Sequoia Lodge in the park. I remember going into the nearby New York Hotel and having a go on the ice rink with Pluto holding my hand. I even had an autograph book and I went round collecting them all – can’t imagine that kids still do that?

I stood watching the epic parade that goes through the park every day and thinking it was the coolest thing ever – I vowed to be part of the cast one day. I’m sure I applied when I was 18, never got anywhere, obviously.

I remember seeing Ariel – my Disney hero at the time – going past on the float and waving to me. My ten-year-old self thought she looked so beautiful. I also remember seeing the poop bags attached to the reindeers as they went past pulling Santa’s sleigh and finding it hilarious. Especially when I realised there were little elves following with poop scoops in case they did so happen to drop anything off on the road.

The Christmas decorations were up everywhere and Euro Disney just felt like the most magical place in the world to spend Christmas. I thought the ‘It’s a Small World’ ride was awesome, and wanted to go again and again. I’m sure now the repetitiveness would drive me crazy.

This was the only time I was ever taken out of school for a holiday – and I remember feeling super special when I came back with sweets for everyone.

The next time I’d go abroad with my family I was 27 and went to Sharm el Sheikh with mum, crazy.

I loved my festive Euro Disney experience and if I ever have children I’d love to take them along. The whole adventure has stayed with me for 19 years and I’d definitely recommend going for a full on Christmas experience.

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