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Catch Up & Travel Plans for 2020

Over 100 days of lockdown – of not travelling, even outside of my county (well just twice, to West Sussex, the next county along). And I’ve been ok. It’s been alright. 

I’ve passed the time in worrying about the stats of this blog, writing and planning for my new blog, paddle boarding, watching Crazy Ex Girlfriend. Ozark and The Office, doing yoga, cycling round Portsmouth (again and again and again) and learning to cook on the Second Nature food programme. It feels kind of amazing that we’ve got through all this, as far as we have. Four months since the start of lockdown. 

Day out

My parents have just been here for three days, which has been so, so great. I’ve only seem them once this year, in the Oxford trip. And then I spent Saturday meeting up with some of my best friends in Kent, and Sunday had friends over here. Last week felt kinda hectic compared to the FOUR months of not much before. 

To be honest, as I always am,  I’ve enjoyed the slowing down. I know that this is going to change us all forever, and the future and how we act and what we do. I’m lucky in that the virus has only affected my family and close friends financially really. 

Catch up on vickyflipflop

I know that I now have a new appreciation for England, for taking things easy, for just enjoying where I live and how I live. 

Of course I’ve missed travel, and as you’ll see, I have plans. But taking four months, where the best thing I could do was to stay in and avoid the outside world, took a lot of choices away. This meant a lot of daily stresses and decisions don’t need to be made. It’s been a simpler life. 

And I know, when I finally do get to travel, it’ll just be even more amazing.

Travel plans for 2020 

So, it’s kinda tradition for bloggers to do these travel plans posts every year, so let’s see what’s in store for the rest of 2020 – travel wise. 

– Paddle boarding game near my house is pretty sweet

– Local days out

Well next week I’m off for lots of local days out round me, I’m going to the New Forest on Thursday, camping, on some local walks, and basically to just get out there to enjoy the weather and get my blummin drone up. It’s been so windy on the south coast I haven’t been able to drone or paddle board much the last few weeks. 

Love the New Forest – check out my vid!

Obviously I want to get as much content for my new blog – Day Out in England – as possible. I’ve been thrilled with the stats increasing this month and would love to work on getting them even higher. Have you checked it out yet?

It’s been difficult to set up a new blog about ‘going for days out in England’ during a lockdown, but I’m seeing lots more views now!

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– Bikepacking on the Isle of Wight

Very excited to go over to the Isle of Wight soon on my bike to check out some of the famous biking trails. I’m planning on camping so I hope the weather is good. I’ve spent many nights at festivals on the Isle of Wight battling the wind on the tent, so the fear is real!

I love the Isle of Wight and have been over a few times. It’s only 10 minutes across the Solent on the hovercraft. Can’t wait to explore on my bike!

Here’s what you can do on the Isle of Wight

– Long weekend in Dorset

Woohoo, me and Ben are going to Dorset for a long weekend! Excited! 

We’re staying in some reeeeally nice accommodation, and have lots of fun plans around Weymouth and Bridport. Really excited to see more of a county I just whizzed through on a Jurassic Coast road trip a few years ago. My housemate Emily has set up an entire website dedicated to Dorset, and she’s from there so it’ll be nice to see the places she’s been talking about for years. 

– Glastonbury! 

Sadly NOT the festival. I’m going with some friends to experience the magic of actual Glastonbury Town for 24 hours with the Glastonbury Tor, a look round the Glasto shops and just some dreamy experiences at sunset and sunrise. 

And then? 

Longleat Safari Park – woohoo! Never been. Very excited. 

See, loads of cool stuff to do in England over the next month – get your England day trips planned in!

glastonbury experience

Getting ready at Glastonbury Festival, which, isn’t actually even IN Glastonbury. It’s in Pilton a whole mile away. 

Other England plans 

I also want to go wild camping in Dartmoor, I have a week in Midlands with my family booked in and I really want to cycle the South Downs Way too. 

And that’s the summer!

I am actually really excited for all my mini adventures. Despite not having ANY festivals, or stepping foot on a plane – it’s been ok. 

Autumn / Winter 2020

Barcelona in September – let’s pen that in. Need to go and see my brother and sister in law who live in Barcelona, and it seems like a nice distance and place for my first trip abroad post corona. 

Monthly Round up

Then, I want to go on a BIG adventure in October. I’m thinking either… Peru, Colombia, Jordan and / or Iran. I feel like there’s not much point planning specifically now as everything changes all the time. Who knows where we’ll be in October? Just need to wait and see.

The money is saved and reserved for something epic though. 

I just want to wait, until travel is more easily done. I mean, I could be a travel blogger trailblazer and go off and see what it’s all like out there. BUT, I think I’m just gonna wait until I know it will be fun, and worth the added drama and expense. 

So, England for the summer it is.

– Evening beach BBQ with Ben. Forgot the glasses so had to swig the wine out the bottle…

I don’t miss the airport, or the plane. I do miss the food and adventure though. It’ll all be waiting for us one day soon – when it’s safe. Let’s just enjoy what we’ve got for now.

What are your plans for the summer? 

Let me know in the comments below!