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Essential Items to Include in Your Road Trip Kit

Planning for a road trip can be exciting. You get to start the countdown to taking time off work and begin thinking about all the places you want to visit and the people you want to see along the way. 

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Planning your itinerary is one of the best parts of organizing a trip away, but thinking about what you need to take for the most comfortable journey can be challenging. However, the more you take with you, the less you need to try and source while you’re on the road. 

Before your trip gets underway in earnest, take the time to make sure you’ve got some of the following items in your travel kit. 

Health and beauty products

Traveling in vehicles through different environments can take its toll on your skin, which is why it might pay to carry creams, balms, salves, and other products from manufacturers and brands like Joy Organics

Creams and lotions may ensure your skin remains hydrated and healthy, and you may even be able to avoid general irritation and dryness related to new environments. Carrying lip balm, sunscreen, and bug repellent may also be an excellent idea to ensure your comfort on the road. 

Food and beverages

You may have been saving money for some time to plan your road trip, but that doesn’t mean you’ll want to eat at cafes, diners, and restaurants, every time you feel hungry. In the days before your trip and even on the day you set off, put together a box or cooler of snacks and beverages that you and your travel companions can enjoy. 

Protein bars, beef jerky, popcorn, string cheese, and bottled water are ideal options for energy. You may also like to pack fresh food if you can keep it safe to eat, such as hard-boiled eggs, carrots, grapes, celery, and hummus. 

By keeping snacks in your vehicle, you can be prepared for any eventuality, including traveling for long periods without passing any open dining establishments. 

Medical supplies

No one ever expects to be injured or ill on a road trip, but there’s no harm in being prepared for the unexpected. Carry a basic vehicle first aid kit with bandages, first-aid tape, alcohol wipes, and antibiotic cream. However, you can also bolster your kit with throat lozenges, cold and flu tablets, antihistamine tablets, antacids, and more. Don’t forget to stock up on hand sanitizer and masks as you travel in a new time to keep your family and friends as safe as possible. 

If you happen to be taking your dog on a road trip, make sure you pack all the medical essentials for that, too.


Many of us rely on debit and credit cards to make the majority of our purchases, but carrying small bills may prove convenient as you set off for days of adventuring. With cash, you can have complete confidence that you’ll be able to purchase products and services from cash-only businesses. 

However, don’t forget to carry it safely. Prioritize on-body storage and consider small bills over large ones. Never leave your vehicle unlocked, and do your best to park it in secure locations as you navigate new towns and cities. 

Sleeping supplies

Even if you have planned your road trip to include overnight stays in hotels, motels, and camping ground cabins, there’s no harm in carrying sleeping supplies in case you need them. Not all accommodation providers offer fresh linen, blankets, and pillows. 


Car activities

As much as road trips can be enjoyable, there can also be times of boredom when you’re stuck in a vehicle for extended periods traveling from one attraction to the next. Fill these dull moments with fun car games. There are plenty of options for young and old, and you can even purchase board games purposely made for car travels. 

For example, the road trip edition of bingo can be an exciting way to pass the time, and a classic game of I-Spy might entertain the kids for hours. However, technology can also be a helpful way to curb boredom. By traveling with smartphones, tablets, and in-car DVD players, you can make sure everyone remains entertained for hours with movies, music, games, and even audiobooks. 

Roadside emergency supplies

Few things can put a dampener on your road trip as quickly as a flat tire or a mechanical problem. You can’t always prevent such a situation, but you can ensure you’re as prepared as possible. 

Always make sure your road trip kit has roadside emergency supplies. These might include essential diagnostic tools, a battery charger, high-visibility gear to ensure you’re visible at night, torches, and emergency food supplies. Signing up for roadside assistance services before you set off on your trip may also go a long way toward reducing your travel anxiety

Any number of things can feature in a road trip kit, depending on where you’re going and what you’re doing. At a minimum, you may want to include these items listed above. Sleeping supplies, roadside emergency supplies, and items that take care of your general health and wellbeing may be crucial for ensuring your road trip goes off without a hitch.