Festival Face Paint, Tattoos, Glow Paint, Glitter and Garlands

Glitter, Face Paint and Temporary Tattoos: it’s Festival Time!

There’s only one time of the year you’ll get away with this look after you’ve hit double figures in age, festival season.

One of my favourite things about festivals is looking ridiculous, so I thought I’d scour Amazon to show you exactly how to do it…

Metallic temporary tattoos

how to decorate yourself for a festival

So Beyonce wore these once, about a year ago, and now they’re blummin everywhere. I’ll have to admit I did join in with the fashion at a recent hen party though.

Simply apply, later warm water on top, leave to dry and then slowly peel off – you know, like the Batman tattoos when you were 9.

And remember there’s a fine line between classy and twatty.

Glow paint

How to decorate yourself at festivals

This one time, at EXIT Festival, I had a queue in front of me of people waiting to be ‘glow painted’ from my limited supply. The next day when I was walking around all these people were saying hi to me and I had no clue who they were, apparently I did the night before.

Anyway, my point is, I love glow paint and it always used to be an essential ingredient for me for any festival. So you should get some. Just a string of dots here and there works wonders. It’s also great for finding your mates in the dark.

Glitter, glitter everywhere

Festival glitter

Festivals are the perfect opportunity to get your glitter on, it’s basically the sole reason I want to go to Secret Garden Party – that looks like the glitteriest of them all.

how to decorate yourself at festivals

I find that a lot of the glitters that have the gluey stuff in them aren’t dense enough, so best to buy one like this and then get the separately. On a side note, I went to see a recording of the Jonathan Ross show once with Ke$ha and apparently she has a separate glitter artist, not just a make up artist. Just thought you’d like to know.

Flowery head garland

daisy head garland

Yeah, you look like a douchebag in the real world with one of these on, but at festivals it’s all good. My friend bought me one to wear at Blogstock and I felt, and looked, all kinds of special. There are loads to choose from on the high street, but I liked this daisy one.

Crazy eyelashes

how to decorate yourself

Channel your inner drag queen with these crazy ass eyelashes. I’ve only ever worn fake eyelashes about three times in my life and it’s never gone well. Love it when you look in the mirror and you’ve only lost one. Classy girl. If you think you can keep them on your lids longer than me, go for it. They look cool, but they’re just, so, heavy. Good luck.

And finally…

How not to decorate yourself for festivals

3D Face stickers

how to decorate yourself for festivals

Amazon warns me there are only 4 left in stock, who is buying them? These 3D butterfly face stickers will definitely make you stand out from all the other glittered up faces, but not entirely sure that’s a good idea here.

Feather hair extensions

Hair at festivals

All you have to do is tie each feather around the hair closest to your scalp, and you can look like you’ve tied a feather to your hair, closest to your scalp. To be fair, they are pretty cheap.


Festival bindi

What is it with festivals and bindis?

Since regular makeup just won’t hold up through the day and into the night, here’s a list of some great weatherproof options that will last through every single festival.

(Tip: you can also use these items to travel in humid destinations, too!)

1. Waterproof eyeliner

Great for summer and winter festivals, a good waterproof eyeliner will last through both the rain and snow, as well as our number one enemy – humidity. Eyeliner is also an easy way to add a little glamour to your face without needing to bring an arsenal of products to the festival.

2. CC Cream

If the idea of wearing any type of face makeup (foundation, powder, etc…) in the middle of summer makes you shudder CC Cream is here to save the day. This Clinique cream is not only great as a base and will stay on all day, but it also helps protect against the sun’s harsh rays with an SPF of 30.

Tip: add additional sunblock on top for maximum protection.

3. Bronzer and blush

No matter the time of year, a little blush and bronzer can go a long way to help you complete that fresh, dewy look, especially when you’re dancing late into the night. It adds a touch of warmth to your face, helping you to look like you’ve had a full night’s rest.

4. Primer

A must have for any type of look, primer helps to keep everything in place if you want to wear foundation and eyeshadow during the festival. It also creates a smoothing effect for a flawless finish for the photos.

5. Cream shadow

Make up for Festivals

If you don’t have eyeliner or can’t find one in the colour you like, then you’ll want to opt for a cream shadow. Choose a bright purple or green for a fun, festival look that will wow in every picture or stick to a classic colour that can double as eye and brow liner, too.

Make up hacks for festivals

I know you’ll want to keep your makeup with you for quick touchups between selfies, so here are a few helpful makeup hacks that will help keep your purse light.

  • Use small travel containers: Since foundations and other beauty products tend to come in large glass bottles, you’ll want to ditch those and instead transfer them to small travel containers. You’ll save space and make it easy for a quick touch up or two.
  • Use an eyeliner as an eyeshadow: Not only can you use eyeshadow as an eyeliner, but you can use an eyeliner as eyeshadow. Just apply and smudge until you get the coverage you want. This trick works best with creamy liners.
  • Pack dual sided makeup brushes: Instead of packing six different brushes, just pack two or three dual sided ones. These are not only easy to use, but will save you some space as well.
  • Use a makeup stick: Great for lips, cheeks and eyes, makeup sticks by Nars are great when you want to pack light and are in a hurry. These multi-use sticks give your complexion a golden glow perfect for any festival.


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