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Quick Guide to Gas Safety at Festivals

I still have a few festivals left on my summer playlist – I’ll be going to Atlas Festival in Yorkshire this weekend, and then in August I’m off to MS Dockville in Hamburg, Germany. And of course, I’ll be spending the August Bank Holiday at Victorious Festival in Southsea, which is so close to my house it’s pretty much in my garden.

Unfortunately though, I won’t be camping at any of these; my big camping one for this year was the almighty Glastonbury. Had so much fun there.

Glastonbury questions

Last time I went to Glasto, in 2012, we took a gas stove and had freshly made coffee every morning, soups, sausages and beans – what a dream. This year though, we were so close to taking it in, even bought a spare canister and then at the last minute decided to leave it in the car, mainly because none of us wanted to be responsible for carrying it, or making the morning coffee.

It’s not just laziness though, if you’re planning on taking a gas stove to a festival to save on costs and for the convenience, you need to think about the safety aspect too.

I’ve partnered with Gas Safe Register to help you stay safe while your sausages sizzle, and to give away a £100 voucher.


A £100 voucher!

You can spend it on all sorts from hotel breaks to afternoon escapes, skydiving, helicopters and foodie experiences. See below for how to enter, but first…

The science

Exploring Latitude Festival

Whether you’re glamping or camping at a festival, get one thing ‘centre stage’ in your mind – barbecuing safely.

When gas stoves and barbecues are around, you need to be really careful, because carbon monoxide (CO) can be released into the air.

You can’t smell, see or taste carbon monoxide, and what’s more it’s easy to confuse the side effects of carbon monoxide poisoning with a hangover, which makes it all the more dangerous at festivals when you’re letting your hair down.

If you have a headache, and feel sick or breathless think back and make sure that you haven’t been exposed to CO gas at any point. I mean, it could totally be a hangover, and of course, is much more likely, but CO poisoning is tricky to spot when it shares its symptoms with much more well-known health worries.

Millennial mishaps

Around 20% of millennials are likely to put themselves at risk from CO poisoning by not using barbecues safely.        

 New research by the Gas Safe Register.

That’s a lot. If maths isn’t your forte that’s a fifth of us. Well, I’m at the older end of the whole millennial thing (anyone born since 1980) but I’m still hanging in there.

Anyway, let’s not do that to ourselves. Here are a few guidelines for your tent safety at festivals.

5 tips for tent and gas safety at festivals

1. Never use a barbecue inside the tent

2. Don’t bring your barbecue or stove into the tent even after you have finished cooking and the barbecue is cooling down as it can still release harmful carbon monoxide that you definitely don’t want to be inhaling. It’s always best to leave barbecues outside, whether you’re cooking on them or not.

3. Once lit you need to watch that barbecue or stove like a hawk – and don’t leave it burning or smouldering while sleeping.

4. Always read the instructions that come with your barbecue or stove to make sure you’re using it properly.

5. Know the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning as it can easily be mistaken for other illnesses – that’s why it’s known as the ‘silent killer’. Signs include headaches, dizziness, nausea, breathlessness and collapse or lack of consciousness.

Gas safety songs for your festival playlist

Gas Safe Register (where you can make sure someone working on your gas appliances is legally qualified to do so) put together a Spotify and Apply Music playlist for you to remember to stay safe this summer, called ‘Gas Safe Summer Playlist’. Some of those selections are a little close to the bone, but they’re good tunes so let’s stick with it.

Click here to download: Spotify / Apple Music


1. Regina Spektor – Carbon Monoxide

2. Coldplay – Warning sign

3. Alice Cooper – Poison

4. Arctic Monkeys – D is for Dangerous

5. Oasis – Gas Panic

6. Beck – Nausea

7. Rex – Life’s a Gas

8. Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five – Struttin’ with Some Barbecue

9. The Beatles – Dizzy Miss Lizzy

10. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Breathless

Trust the Triangle Festivals

For more information, Trust the Triangle (above) and visit or search #GasSafeSummer.

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Natalie Newham

Thursday 3rd of August 2017

My favourite festival experience would have to be going to Glastonbury 2 years ago :)

Marina Owen

Wednesday 2nd of August 2017

It has to be Festival No.6. It's only around 10 miles from where I live and they manage to get some great bands there. It's a family festival and there's plenty of things to keep the kids entertained.

Amanda tanner

Wednesday 2nd of August 2017

boardmasters in Newquay as I love the town. not a great festival goer due to the toilet situations not a lover of public ones.


Wednesday 2nd of August 2017

Foo Fighters at Leeds festival,.. must have been 15 years ago or more, but amazing!

Hannah Wood

Wednesday 2nd of August 2017

I love Festivals so much they are so fab