Quick Guide to Gas Safety at Festivals

I still have a few festivals left on my summer playlist – I’ll be going to Atlas Festival in Yorkshire this weekend, and then in August I’m off to MS Dockville in Hamburg, Germany. And of course, I’ll be spending the August Bank Holiday at Victorious Festival in Southsea, which is so close to my house it’s pretty much in my garden.

Unfortunately though, I won’t be camping at any of these; my big camping one for this year was the almighty Glastonbury. Had so much fun there.

Glastonbury questions

Last time I went to Glasto, in 2012, we took a gas stove and had freshly made coffee every morning, soups, sausages and beans – what a dream. This year though, we were so close to taking it in, even bought a spare canister and then at the last minute decided to leave it in the car, mainly because none of us wanted to be responsible for carrying it, or making the morning coffee.

It’s not just laziness though, if you’re planning on taking a gas stove to a festival to save on costs and for the convenience, you need to think about the safety aspect too.

I’ve partnered with Gas Safe Register to help you stay safe while your sausages sizzle, and to give away a £100 buyagift.com voucher.


A £100 buyagift.com voucher!

You can spend it on all sorts from hotel breaks to afternoon escapes, skydiving, helicopters and foodie experiences. See below for how to enter, but first…

The science

Exploring Latitude Festival

Whether you’re glamping or camping at a festival, get one thing ‘centre stage’ in your mind – barbecuing safely.

When gas stoves and barbecues are around, you need to be really careful, because carbon monoxide (CO) can be released into the air.

You can’t smell, see or taste carbon monoxide, and what’s more it’s easy to confuse the side effects of carbon monoxide poisoning with a hangover, which makes it all the more dangerous at festivals when you’re letting your hair down.

If you have a headache, and feel sick or breathless think back and make sure that you haven’t been exposed to CO gas at any point. I mean, it could totally be a hangover, and of course, is much more likely, but CO poisoning is tricky to spot when it shares its symptoms with much more well-known health worries.

Millennial mishaps

Around 20% of millennials are likely to put themselves at risk from CO poisoning by not using barbecues safely.        

 New research by the Gas Safe Register.

That’s a lot. If maths isn’t your forte that’s a fifth of us. Well, I’m at the older end of the whole millennial thing (anyone born since 1980) but I’m still hanging in there.

Anyway, let’s not do that to ourselves. Here are a few guidelines for your tent safety at festivals.

5 tips for tent and gas safety at festivals

1. Never use a barbecue inside the tent

2. Don’t bring your barbecue or stove into the tent even after you have finished cooking and the barbecue is cooling down as it can still release harmful carbon monoxide that you definitely don’t want to be inhaling. It’s always best to leave barbecues outside, whether you’re cooking on them or not.

3. Once lit you need to watch that barbecue or stove like a hawk – and don’t leave it burning or smouldering while sleeping.

4. Always read the instructions that come with your barbecue or stove to make sure you’re using it properly.

5. Know the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning as it can easily be mistaken for other illnesses – that’s why it’s known as the ‘silent killer’. Signs include headaches, dizziness, nausea, breathlessness and collapse or lack of consciousness.

Gas safety songs for your festival playlist

Gas Safe Register (where you can make sure someone working on your gas appliances is legally qualified to do so) put together a Spotify and Apply Music playlist for you to remember to stay safe this summer, called ‘Gas Safe Summer Playlist’. Some of those selections are a little close to the bone, but they’re good tunes so let’s stick with it.

Click here to download: Spotify / Apple Music


1. Regina Spektor – Carbon Monoxide

2. Coldplay – Warning sign

3. Alice Cooper – Poison

4. Arctic Monkeys – D is for Dangerous

5. Oasis – Gas Panic

6. Beck – Nausea

7. Rex – Life’s a Gas

8. Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five – Struttin’ with Some Barbecue

9. The Beatles – Dizzy Miss Lizzy

10. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Breathless

Trust the Triangle Festivals

For more information, Trust the Triangle (above) and visit GasSafeRegister.co.uk or search #GasSafeSummer.

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  1. by Lorraine kirk on July 28, 2017  9:04 pm Reply

    I have never been to a festival but I would like to go to my local Ynot festival next year.

    • by Vicky on July 30, 2017  7:33 pm Reply

      Oh yeah I haven't been to that one either – looks fun :)

  2. by Solange on July 28, 2017  10:55 pm Reply

    Lovebox has been my favourite festival. We had VIP tickets and it was a really great experience.

    • by Vicky on July 30, 2017  7:33 pm Reply

      Oh wow, what did you get for VIP? Always worth it for the better toilets :)

  3. by frances hopkins on July 29, 2017  5:36 pm Reply

    I loved taking the kids to bestival

    • by Vicky on July 30, 2017  7:22 pm Reply

      Ah yeah, that would be a great one for kids! :)

  4. by Tracy on July 30, 2017  3:17 pm Reply

    I have never been to one , but im hoping to go to leeds festival

    • by Vicky on July 30, 2017  7:22 pm Reply

      Ooo hope you make it there. That was the second festival I ever went to :).

  5. by Rebecca Brown on July 30, 2017  9:50 pm Reply

    I've never been - I never manage to have enough free time and enough money both at once!!

  6. by Mark Mccaffery on July 30, 2017  9:57 pm Reply

    Watching Leftfield live at the Winchester Bowl.

  7. by A S,Edinburgh on July 30, 2017  10:36 pm Reply

    T in the Park with a painted face and a bunch of good friends! That and seeing my favourite acts at the Edinburgh Fringe. Writing that has made me realise: I don't think I've been to a festival outside of Scotland. I should try harder; there are so many amazing ones in England and further afield.

  8. by Emma on July 30, 2017  11:35 pm Reply

    I went to a festival recently with my best mate and it rained the entire time. We got amongst them all in our wellies and raincoats and had an amazing time. These things are usually only as good as you make them so never be disheartened by the weather.

  9. by Sarah Mccaffery on July 31, 2017  12:03 am Reply

    I'm just too old for these things!

  10. by MARK HOPKINS on July 31, 2017  12:05 am Reply

    I take an annual trip up to the Keswick Beer Festival. (Does this count?).

  11. by Hayley on July 31, 2017  1:32 am Reply

    I have never been to a festival,love my home comforts too much!!

  12. by Jane Berrow on July 31, 2017  2:24 am Reply

    I cannot face the toilets or sleeping in a tent. I'm glad that others enjoy it though

  13. by Margaret on July 31, 2017  3:13 am Reply

    The weathers too unpredictable for me to attend these.

  14. by michelle on July 31, 2017  5:16 am Reply

    taking my then 11 year old son to see acdc at download festival

  15. by Matthew Warman on July 31, 2017  6:06 am Reply

    Mine was definitely seeing Nickelback at V Fest which was about 17 years ago.

  16. by Melanie Chambers on July 31, 2017  6:49 am Reply

    I've had loads of fab festival experiences but my all time favourite was taking my son to his first when he was 9. We started small with a weekend at Strummer Camp and he had a smile on his face all weekend. He got to meet a couple of the bands backstage and now has a love of live music (He's 23 now and we still go to gigs together)

  17. by claire on July 31, 2017  7:13 am Reply

    I've never been to one because I haven't made the effort.

  18. by ann goody on July 31, 2017  7:54 am Reply

    Went to Eastnor Castle to see FABBA. Enjoyed it, but expensive and I am always worried about outdoor events because of the weather, the rain! Can stand the heat and wind and cold but not the wet.

  19. by kim neville on July 31, 2017  9:12 am Reply

    I took my daughter to British Summer Time festival last year and her favourite band was playing Years and Years. We had VIP tickets and got some amazing photos and we had the best time ever with the awesome crowd

  20. by Katie on July 31, 2017  9:50 am Reply

    Going straight to Reading Festival from collecting my GCSE results was amazing!

  21. by Hannah on July 31, 2017  10:29 am Reply

    I went to Wireless festival a few years ago and had a fantastic time watching all the acts.

  22. by cheryl on July 31, 2017  10:30 am Reply

    Ive been to a few festivals but GlastonBUDGET is my favourite. tribute acts and a great festival experience.

  23. by Liam Bishop on July 31, 2017  10:42 am Reply

    Saw Guns n Roses and the Prodigy at Leeds festival a few years back, that was quite the headline night!

  24. by iain maciver on July 31, 2017  10:57 am Reply

    heb celt festival

  25. by Bryan Murphy on July 31, 2017  11:54 am Reply

    Queen live at Knebworth took some beating

  26. by Kristyn on July 31, 2017  11:59 am Reply

    I have been to one festival which was V Festival. My highlight was seeing Ellie Goulding live. Amazing!

  27. by Angie McDonald on July 31, 2017  12:23 pm Reply

    I've never been to a festival! I would love to but I never seem to buy the tickets in time or have all the money when I need it - I think I might need to try and save up soon to actually have a festival experience!

  28. by james harland on July 31, 2017  1:40 pm Reply

    i don’t like the dirtiness :( i couldn’t think of anything worse

  29. by Tasha on July 31, 2017  1:42 pm Reply

    Download was my favourite can't wait to start taking my daughter to festivals

  30. by Kim Styles on July 31, 2017  1:51 pm Reply

    Sundown- truly amazing

  31. by Judith on July 31, 2017  1:56 pm Reply

    Oh my, I feel old. Monsters of Rock (Guns n Roses and Iron Maiden) a long long time ago, was a day, but we did camp. Can't face one now, too expensive, and pesky MS does get in the way rather. My daughter played at WGT Leipzig this year, that's pretty cool.

  32. by joanne casey on July 31, 2017  2:57 pm Reply

    I've only been to V once! it was fab though!

  33. by AnnMarie on July 31, 2017  3:25 pm Reply

    I love Glastonbury Festival, such good times

  34. by Caroline on July 31, 2017  3:33 pm Reply

    I've been to an Eighties festival in Norwich this year. The best bit was singing along to True with Tony Hadley!

  35. by Caroline Hunter on July 31, 2017  3:39 pm Reply

    I went to the Let's Rock festival in Norwich this year. The best part was singing along to True with Tony Hadley!

  36. by Sheena Batey on July 31, 2017  4:07 pm Reply

    Went to a couple of folk festivals years ago but the toilet situation puts me off going to a full blown festival

  37. by Rhia Drew on July 31, 2017  4:10 pm Reply

    I went to Glastonbury last year and it was an incredible experience! :)

  38. by fiona waterworth on July 31, 2017  4:32 pm Reply

    never been to one as theres never been one near enough to travel too, only noe are we able to travel further afield

  39. by Melanie on July 31, 2017  5:44 pm Reply

    Never been to a festival although it is on my bucket list. Only thing that would worry me is the porta-loos, the queue for them and the state they'd be in. Would have to buy myself a She-wee!!!!

  40. by nicky on July 31, 2017  5:55 pm Reply

    download festival

  41. by Laura on July 31, 2017  6:35 pm Reply

    I've never been to one as I can't think of anything worse than watching music in mud, sleeping in a tent & feeling uncomfortable!

  42. by sam on July 31, 2017  6:49 pm Reply

    being right at the front for pulp at wireless a few years ago

  43. by Nicola McC on July 31, 2017  6:53 pm Reply

    I've never been to a festival...I don't think I could cope with a full weekend of portaloos!

  44. by Sharron on July 31, 2017  6:54 pm Reply

    I've always wanted to take my children to a festival for the experience and to feel the vibe.

  45. by Sarah S on July 31, 2017  7:39 pm Reply

    I used to love the Leeds festival back in the day. The last one I attended many years ago whilst a few months pregnant I remember thinking to myself as I sheltered from a torrential downpour in a portaloo "at least I'll have a good excuse not to do this again for a while!". Now the children are older maybe I should think about festival going again. Or maybe not!

  46. by alex brownlee on July 31, 2017  8:11 pm Reply

    seeing u2 at glastonbury

  47. by Hazel Rea on July 31, 2017  8:23 pm Reply

    I've never been to a Festival. The idea of the toilets and the horror stories I've heard put me off. I may sometime hire a bit Camper Van and go to one so I could have my own loo. I have gone to a lot of music gigs in theatres however.

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  49. by James on July 31, 2017  9:35 pm Reply

    I never been to a festival, never get round to it

  50. by char keddy on July 31, 2017  9:40 pm Reply

    Rewind Festival at Henley was lots of fun. Everyone dressed up in 80's clothing and seeing the stars of my youth including Rick Astley (!) hee hee

  51. by Charlie Cheung on July 31, 2017  9:48 pm Reply

    I saw Paul McCartney once at a London Festival a few years ago. (Maybe V Festival?) Best opportunity to see him and it was a great gig.

  52. by melanie stirling on July 31, 2017  11:53 pm Reply

    I've never been because I have severe motability problems and I don't know if I'd be able to get around.Also,I worry about the toilet situation.

  53. by Laura on August 1, 2017  6:34 am Reply

    Not been to a festival as yet...if only we could guarantee good weather it would be easier to plan

  54. by Erica Price on August 1, 2017  6:36 am Reply

    I've never been because it always seems expensive and uncomfortable.

  55. by samantha margetts on August 1, 2017  7:15 am Reply

    my favourite festival experience was my first ever festival back in 2005, at Global gathering.

    Nothing beats your firts experience of a festival, and the music and atmosphere just absorbs you. Everytime i hear music from that festival it just takes me right back.

  56. by Kelly Hirst on August 1, 2017  7:30 am Reply

    I've only ever been to family festivals - loved Lollibop though it was so much fun for the kids with a lot to do, we have made some fab memories there

  57. by Charlotte on August 1, 2017  9:07 am Reply

    since recent things that have happened, has to be going to download and experiencing watching linkin park.

  58. by greig on August 1, 2017  9:10 am Reply

    Queen live at Knebworth WAS BRILLIANT XXX

  59. by Keith Hunt on August 1, 2017  10:37 am Reply

    I need a big bank loan to go around all the food stallls.

  60. by Christine on August 1, 2017  11:10 am Reply

    We have a local family festival called Sharfest which is always great fun, we just went on Saturday and had a lovely time x

  61. by aj on August 1, 2017  11:45 am Reply

    I love dancing in the rain

  62. by Kathryn on August 1, 2017  12:05 pm Reply

    V Festival....Stereophonics were a blast ????

  63. by Tina glover on August 1, 2017  12:20 pm Reply

    I've been to a few local festivals but hundreds of music gigs. I visited Festwich this weekend which is a local rock festival with tribute acts. The weather was lovely which always makes it much more enjoyable

  64. by Christina Palmer on August 1, 2017  12:26 pm Reply

    I have never been to one. I think bringing up the kids got in the way and now that I have the time its the expense but would love to experience it one day

  65. by Stewart Biddle on August 1, 2017  1:54 pm Reply

    Going to download festival best festival ever!

  66. by elaine stokes on August 1, 2017  3:04 pm Reply

    never been, im sure I'd enjoy it, but its the thought of the toilets that puts me off!!!!

  67. by hannah on August 1, 2017  3:27 pm Reply

    We loved geronimo festival, so much to see and day and great for the whole family

  68. by Samantha Atherton on August 1, 2017  4:06 pm Reply

    My first proper (not just for the day) festival experience was Leeds back in 2004, i think that will always be my favorite.

  69. by Amanda Gregory on August 1, 2017  5:39 pm Reply

    I haven't been. The experience of the crowds, music etc would be awesome but I am put off by the tents and toilets. I'm strictly a comfy bed type.

  70. by Helen Grayson on August 1, 2017  5:49 pm Reply

    I've never been to a festival - the line ups recently haven't been anything I've been interested and now I can actually afford to go - don't want to waste my money on bands I don't want to see :(

  71. by Sharon Williams on August 1, 2017  6:06 pm Reply

    I went to NOS Alive festival this year. It doesn't really start till 6pm so you have the whole day to relax and enjoy the sunshine.

  72. by Thomas Riley on August 1, 2017  6:36 pm Reply

    i never been because i not had the time

  73. by SHIRLEY EVANS on August 1, 2017  9:20 pm Reply

    Never been to a festival,but would have loved to,Think they just passed me by

  74. by Petra Hora on August 1, 2017  10:31 pm Reply

    Amazing prize!!!!

  75. by Meryl Thomas on August 2, 2017  12:50 am Reply

    I have never been to a festival

  76. by Zoey on August 2, 2017  5:35 am Reply

    Going to V festival 2nd year it had ran and being able to walk upto the stage for any performance

  77. by Clare Munden on August 2, 2017  7:38 am Reply

    I love Victorious! Family friendly, not too expensive and always acts I love :)

  78. by Clare Hubbard on August 2, 2017  7:58 am Reply

    I've never been to a festival, I think the idea of it being really busy puts me off!

  79. by Chloe Smith on August 2, 2017  8:00 am Reply

    I TRY and go to glastonbury ever year haha, only managed to go in 2015 & 2017 though. Loved it both times! :)

  80. by Jodie W on August 2, 2017  8:25 am Reply

    I was very lucky one year and won VIP tickets to V festival - took my bestie with me and we had a brilliant time even though it did rain we thought we looked dashing in our poncho's! Best thing ever was being able to go into the VIP area to use the clean toilets whenever we needed!!

  81. by Donna on August 2, 2017  9:09 am Reply

    Seeing Daft Punk at VFest in Leeds many years ago was amazing, more recently I've fallen in love with everything about Camp Bestival!

  82. by Victoria on August 2, 2017  9:21 am Reply

    I haven't been to a festival unfortunately, I had children young so have never got round to going. Maybe would consider a family festival such as Bestival next year!

  83. by Michaela on August 2, 2017  9:34 am Reply

    I've never been to a festival before but would love to go! I got tickets to Kendal calling but unfortunately the child care I had for my twins was ill so I had to step aside and allow my partner to go with his friend instead. Would love the opportunity to finally get to a festival one day :-)

  84. by Pauline Dring on August 2, 2017  10:06 am Reply

    My favourite festival experience was having a fab day in the scorching heat at Cropredy a few years ago.

  85. by Rachael on August 2, 2017  10:42 am Reply

    Our best experience was taking my dad to The Foodies Festival at Tatton Park - he loved it and even got up on stage with celebrity chef to do a demo!

  86. by Alison Macdonald on August 2, 2017  12:57 pm Reply

    Mouth of the Tyne Festival in Tynemouth (not too far from where I live) have been a few different years but this year was my fave seeing Elbow!!

  87. by Lindsey on August 2, 2017  1:20 pm Reply

    T in the park many years ago we were dancing in the rain it was amazing!!! :) It was warm and everyone was super happy!

  88. by Oksana Fitzgerald on August 2, 2017  2:21 pm Reply

    I loved taking my daughter to bestival

  89. by Sue Bebbington on August 2, 2017  2:21 pm Reply

    Never been to a festival, but would love to get the chance to go Glastonbury one day. Always meant to go, but something else always came up x

  90. by Victoria Prince on August 2, 2017  3:43 pm Reply

    I've never been to a festival before - I'd love to go, but alas disability makes it impractical!

  91. by Joanna Tolhurst on August 2, 2017  3:50 pm Reply

    Only ever been to one, Glastonbury 1989, sunny all weekend, totally chilled out with my 8 year old who learnt to ride a uni-cycle and juggle, and an 11 month old baby who had the best view from the baby carrier on his father's back. Need to be promised the same sunshine to go to another.

  92. by Fran H on August 2, 2017  4:11 pm Reply

    Probably David Bowie at Glastonbury 2000 just after sunset - might have been the Pet Shop Boys on just before him - and he was everything I'd ever imagined him to be. Just magical. Literally one of my Heroes x

  93. by Tracey Tedford on August 2, 2017  4:30 pm Reply

    Never been to one :( Don't think they really have any in N Ireland. My son's would probably tell me I am too old LOL

  94. by Michelle Wild on August 2, 2017  4:55 pm Reply

    1975 Knebworth - Pink Floyd and notable others. Fab.

  95. by Nancy Bradford on August 2, 2017  5:01 pm Reply

    I've only been to two in my life, the first one was in Texas as a teenager and I nearly got killed so I would have to say the amazingly fun (but sadly last ever) Cornbury Festival this year.

  96. by BECCI CLEARY on August 2, 2017  5:38 pm Reply

    I've never been, I keep saying I'm gonna go for my 40th - by then my youngest will be 11 and its easier to get a babysitter for that age :D :D :D

  97. by Maxine Feehely on August 2, 2017  7:22 pm Reply

    I went to my first festival this year as my husband won the Epic Entrance competition with Strongbow. We were flown to the Isle of Wight festival in a helicopter and were really well looked after. I had previously thought I was too old for festivals at 51, but absolutely loved everything about the weekend. I am now planning to go to Victorious this month and would love to return to Isle of Wight again next year.

  98. by Angela Wassell on August 2, 2017  7:30 pm Reply

    Always fancied going to one but have never actually been, not sure why x

  99. by Spencer Wright on August 2, 2017  8:27 pm Reply

    I'd have to say Let's Rock Norwich a month or so ago, simply because it was so close to home. That & the fact that most of my teenage pin-ups were there...Belinda Carlisle, Kim Wilde & Bananarama. I just needed Blondie to complete the set & we saw her a week later at BST Hyde Park. Happy days! ??

  100. by Amanda Richardson on August 2, 2017  8:37 pm Reply

    Never been to a festival, like my creature comforts too much to rough it.

  101. by Jayne K on August 2, 2017  8:48 pm Reply

    I've never been to one. There weren't so many around then, but my daughter goes to loads and takes my little granddaughter along too.

  102. by Adrian Bold on August 2, 2017  9:17 pm Reply

    I love Bestival because it's a family festival with loads to see and do.

  103. by Hannah Wood on August 2, 2017  9:24 pm Reply

    I love Festivals so much they are so fab

  104. by Kelly on August 2, 2017  9:30 pm Reply

    Foo Fighters at Leeds festival,.. must have been 15 years ago or more, but amazing!

  105. by Amanda tanner on August 2, 2017  9:30 pm Reply

    boardmasters in Newquay as I love the town. not a great festival goer due to the toilet situations not a lover of public ones.

  106. by Marina Owen on August 2, 2017  11:00 pm Reply

    It has to be Festival No.6. It's only around 10 miles from where I live and they manage to get some great bands there. It's a family festival and there's plenty of things to keep the kids entertained.

  107. by Natalie Newham on August 3, 2017  1:06 am Reply

    My favourite festival experience would have to be going to Glastonbury 2 years ago :)

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