How Much You’ll Pay for Oktoberfest Accommodation

When it comes to booking accommodation for Oktoberfest you need to get started asap. Seriously. It gets SO expensive. Hostels charge €100 for dorm beds and you’d be lucky to get a hotel near the Theresienwiese, where the festival is held, for less than €300 per night.

I stayed in 4 different hotels during my week in Munich with different prices and facilities. If you’re looking for Oktoberfest accommodation for 2016 I’d recommend you just start looking now – there are lots of options, but there are also 8 million people who come to Munich especially for the beer-induced fun.

Here are the 4 Oktoberfest hotels I stayed in this year, for your perusal…

Art Hostel Ana Munich – 1 night

Oktoberfest Accommodation

The Art Hotel Ana Munich was my pre-Oktoberfest hotel. I had a night here to prepare myself for the festival. It was a nice hotel, but I had to ask about the heating. And then when all he said he could do was give me an extra blanket I had to complain about the heating. Annoying that I’d spent £175 (well, I had a voucher, but still) on a hotel room and they didn’t even have any heating. He said he would have to put it on for the whole building. Munich in September: can’t believe it wasn’t on already!

So I wrapped myself in the duvet to sit at the desk, and used two to sleep under. Ridiculous.

Thankfully, the breakfast was really good here – a strong selection with a good coffee machine. I’d earned it after using all that energy for body warmth.

Also, be aware there are two Art Hostels in Munich, and for the second time in three months I went to the wrong hotel. Stay here and you’re looking for Art Hotel Ana Munich, not Art Hotel Munich. Don’t let your Google Maps predict what you want. I did really like it here, it was just annoying it was so cold. Maybe check before you book that they’re actually going to have some heating on the go.

The Art Hotel Ana Munich is 40 minutes from Oktoberfest.

Typical Oktoberfest accommodation price: a double room during Oktoberfest costs from £175.

Wombats Hostel – 3 nights  

Oktoberfest Accommodation

I had so much fun at Wombats. They have a cool chill out area downstairs, their Wintergarden as they call it, a fun bar and a toastie maker for cheesey breakfast deliciousness. One of the best things about it is that it’s about a 10-minute walk from the Theresienwiese and right by the station. This means it’s an easy route to walk home, or you could easily get one of the rickshaws to bring you back.

My 8-bed dorm was ferociously hot, but at least it was super spacious and had a good bathroom. All my dorm mates were cool and it was easy to meet people in the hostel too. I also spent one morning working at that little desk there, which was cool.

This is the chosen hostel if you decide to do the Busabout Oktoberfest tour I talked about in my other Oktoberfest post – the one on tips for your Octoberfest stamina. But it’s also open to other travellers too.

Typical Oktoberfest accommodation price: bed in an 8-bed mixed dorm €85 | Twin private for 2 €240

A&O Munchen Laim Hostel – 1 nights

Accommodation for Oktoberfest

The A&O Munchen Laim hostel is about 30 minutes of tram and walking to the Theresienwiese site. It’s actually pretty simple, if you don’t get off at the wrong stop like I did. But, you may have to wait up to 15 mins for the tram to come.

I was so tired when I got back here on the fourth day of Oktoberfest, at 9pm. As I went to open the door, in my head I was like ‘please don’t let anyone be in here, I just want to sleep’. But two people were. Including an 18-year-old looking Chinese dude playing on his iPad in the single bed next to mine, which had been pushed together like in the photo above. I was too tired to explain myself and my throat hurt too much to speak from my 4 days of excess so I just got in my pyjamas, kicked the beds apart and put my suitcase between us. Then I lay in bed and put my hoody over my head to block out the light. I was asleep within about 5 minutes, until 7am the next morning. Best possible outcome.

This hostel was alright, it felt unbearably hot in the room in the morning, just like at Wombats, and the whole single bed into a double bed was weird. I thought I was being clever selecting that one as I wouldn’t have someone on the bunk above me. I wasn’t expecting to sleep next to a little Chinese dude for the night.

I definitely preferred Wombats for it’s distance and for the friendliness of the hostel bar, although I don’t think I would’ve gone there that night anyway as I was exhausted.

Breakfast at A&O was a pretty good spread, although all I could manage was yogurt and a banana drenched in honey, with a side of salt water to gargle on. Pretty poor use of the €7 they charged, but I saw some people loading their plates up with goodies to go so you can make it worth it.

I would recommend it, especially as it’s €30 cheaper than Wombats, but as I was waiting the 9 minutes for the tram in the freezing cold to get back, knowing there was a 10-minute walk at the other end, I wished I’d just forked out.

Typical Oktoberfest accommodation price: I paid €48.45 for a bed in a 6-dorm room

Park Inn by Radisson Munich East – 2 nights

Oktoberfest Accommodation

The Park Inn by Radisson Munich East is about 30 minutes away away from the Theresienwiese, depending on which route you take. Get the bus and it drops you right outside.

I liked this hotel, it was a different style to the Park Inns I’ve stayed at before but definitely felt homely. I didn’t actually go to Oktoberfest from here as I’d done four days already and felt pretty rough and overspent. Instead I made the most of the huge room after the last few nights in hostels, being able to control the temperature, which seemed like a challenge in all the other Munich Oktoberfest accommodations I stayed in, and the restaurant downstairs. It was pretty much bliss.

For the price the Park Inn is a great shout for Oktoberfest accommodation. To have somewhere warm and private to come back to is the best, and if there are two of you it’s cheaper than a dorm at Wombats anyway, which seems crazy. Of course there was no sign of the raucous parties we enjoyed at Wombats, but it depends what you’re after and I definitely wasn’t after that at this stage in my Oktoberfest experience.

There were definitely signs of Oktoberfest fun though, with groups enjoying beers with their complimentary breakfasts, and people walking round in lederhosen. They also gave me the beers and treats below, which obviously disappeared right away.

For me, it was also a great spot for being near the airport as the hotel is about a two-minute walk from the Subway, which is just a 23-minute ride from the airport. Great news for that early flight I had to get.

It also had a late night restaurant and space to sit outside too.

Typical Oktoberfest accommodation price: double standard room for two with breakfast €150 per night.

Oktoberfest accommodation

Park Inn Munich

My friends booked an AirBnB, which they said was super grotty and that they were only allowed one towel between them. And another friend paid €200 for a hostel dorm the night before the Busabout tour as she got her dates wrong. Yikes.

There are some good deals around for camping at Oktoberfest, but with the cold I’ve felt over the past few days, there’s no way I’d even think about it.

Oktoberfest is one of the biggest festivals in the world – this is the hoteliers / hosteliers of Munich’s big chance to make some money for Christmas. And they like to make the most of it.

Book early for the best deals!

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Any Munich hotel recommendations to share?


  1. Hi – I do have some spare rooms / beds available in the Creo Hotel. I made a reservation months ago for 10 people but some of my friends are now unable to go. I’m willing to give a discount on the price for which I have purchased. If you are interested, please leave a reply here as well and I will get in touch.
    Kind regards,

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      Thanks Roma – glad you like them!

  2. Ahhh, this is SO helpful! Thank you! I’ll definitely start looking at accommodation now for 2016. Thanks for sharing, Vicky! I’m glad you had such a great time. Beautiful photos. You’re making me want to step up my game when it comes to photographing hotels!

    Happy travels 🙂

    1. Vicky

      The Real Person!

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      Yay, everyone should go to Oktoberfest! I loved it there and have ben recommending it to everyone. I was worried before I went, but no, it’s just great fun with a lot of people who are great fun too :).

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