My Primavera Sound Festival (with SEAT cars)

My first visit to Primavera Festival. One of the many festivals I’ve been wanting to go to for a while. Mainly thanks to the yearly stellar line up, the fact it just looked cool, and that it’s in Barcelona. The best European city.

SEAT cars invited me to come along, experience the festival and test drive the latest editions of their Arona and Ibiza models… so that was a yes.

– Post in collaboration with SEAT cars


It was an absolute luxury festival experience. Think hotel right by the entrance, a fancy Michelin-starred lunch, VIP parties before the festival, VIP access, and drinks tokens galore. Not sure how I can go back to the tent and burger festival experience I’m used to, sure I’ll get through it.

The SEAT car test drive experience

Watch my YouTube video to see it all!

So SEAT have really invested in the sound tech in their cars, introducing beats audio into their latest models. One tech guy told me they’d spent three years testing and getting the speakers in exactly the right position for the optimum sound quality. I’m on board with this. One of the best things about driving for me is putting on the tunes, windows down and the volume up.


Which is exactly what I did while driving the SEAT Arona round Barcelona (automatic, loved it). We followed a route already mapped for us to ensure the best photo spots. From street art to tree tunnels, to flower walls, palm tree lined beaches and onto the famous W Hotel, it was a great way to see a Barcelona I hadn’t had the chance to experience yet.


I was nervous to drive – the cars start at £16,530 brand new – but it was slick to drive and automatic cars are just dreamy. The music sounded great, the ride was smooth and, if I had the cash, I’d be well in. It felt amazing to be driving round Barcelona in the sun, with my and my new friends enjoying the ride.

Actual Primavera Sound though?

Just as cool as I expected.


One thing that did really stand out for me, was just how chilled Primavera was. Kinda classy almost. For starters the venue. It’s in The Forum, which is the old Olympic grounds and so pretty much made for a festival. The stages were positioned to maximise the different levels of the site. If you wanted to chill and stand back, a la me at Vince Staples, you could. And if you wanted full on at the front, a la me at The National, you could too.

There was plenty of space for everyone and it never felt crowded, unlike the British festivals I’m so used to.

I was #blessed enough to be there VIP – nice toilets, cheaper drinks and a raised area for the SEAT stage. But, I did use other toilets through the weekend, which were fine and there was never a queue. In fact the only queue was in VIP.


One of the highlights was the Food Village, which I unfortunately only got to visit once. On that sacred visit I had Indian loaded fries – look at them.

Primavera and SEAT

The Village had over 20 cuisines from around the world, and there was plenty of benches to sit and enjoy. Not like the fests where you have to find a space to sit on the floor to indulge.

The crowds were cool, the sound was great, and Primavera Sound Festival was just an all round lovely experience. Would recommend!

Created in Barcelona

SEAT and Primavera were both created in Barcelona, so it’s a natural partnership for two brands that care about music and sound so much. The SEAT stage featured the likes of Bjork and Father John Misty, and SEAT had a whole village area with bean bags to chill out, a robot DJing, and food trucks too. Also, this sign, specially decorated at the festival.


Top 5 highlights of Primavera

– Watching The National at the front

– Being in the VIP pit at the front for HAIM

– Those loaded fries ^

– The beautiful weather

– Seeing Bjork and her bonkers stage show

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