Top 10 Healthiest Festivals in the UK

Whether you are an avid morning runner, a casual yoga attendee or just a lover of all things juiced, there is a health festival perfect for you within the UK. Who knew us Brits could be so healthy?

Healthiest Festivals in the UK

Covering everything from extreme sports to raw food, there are a variety of events that take place across the country educating the country on healthy lifestyles as well as providing a platform to enjoy a variety of fitness fun.

1. The Big Feastival

Tucked away on Alex James’s Farm in the Cotswolds, Jamie Oliver and Alex James (ex-Blur man, used to be in love with him as a teenager) host The Big Feastival. On the last weekend in August they invite families along to enjoy healthy, home-cooked food and listen to wholesome acts.

Over the weekend, well known chefs get their knives out and give demos in the Big Kitchen while local providers set up stands offering home-grown produce. You can also take part in cookery classes, attend a chef Q&A and if your belly can handle it, you can end the day at the vintage funfair.

Glamping is even an option for those not wanting to pitch nearby and it’s all for a good cause as money raised goes to charity. Eat food and give back? Sounds good.

2. Vegfest UK

For every person whose defied the omnivore way and turned to all things green for a fresh and healthy lifestyle, this one is for you.

Vegfest UK originally started off as Bristol-only event but, over the years, it’s expanded to locations across the UK. The festival is all about combining one’s love of veggies with a traditional rock n’ roll festival atmosphere and why not? A forum for people to meet like-minded legume lovers, it is also a place to dance, eat, party and learn about healthy living. It takes place on various one day events throughout the UK.

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3. Exhale fest

Taking place in West Sussex at the end of August, Exhale Fest is about letting go, limbering up and letting the good tunes flow.

Set amid green paddocks and clear skies on the Fairoaks farm, Exhale attracts people from across the UK looking to just yoga up and unwind. The entire weekend is based on ‘goodwill and good vibes’ and combines a love of the downward dog with an appreciation of good music from world class DJs. For when all that gets a little too zen, then there are also team games to play, hot tubs to jump in, wild walks to do and campfires to sing around.

4. Gofest

This one is all about just having a go, going for it and just letting go. Did I mention it’s called Gofest? Taking place on different dates throughout the summer in Manchester, Guildford and Winchester, it’s a great one for the whole family.

Gofest provides activities that can educate people on living a healthy lifestyle while coaching sessions take place across the weekend in a whole range of sports. Referred to as the ‘Glastonbury of sport,’ there’s also live music, some chill out areas and the live Wimbledon final to watch for when you’re just all out of… well, go.


WOMAD stands for world of music, arts and dance and is one for those seeking a more healthy mind.

An international festival it has several locations worldwide but, in the UK, it’s Wiltshire for the satnav. Here, in July, you’ll find inspiring performers and masters of the creative mind that want to encourage people to embrace a more positive outlook on life.

The singers, dancers and artists offer workshops to stimulate positivity while they also cook dishes from their home country for everyone to try. If something goes down well, there’s a global market on site that may hold that exotic ingredient to make even more. WOMAD is like a festival for all the senses, and aims to open your mind to the arts and cultures of the rest of the world. I’d love to go to this one. 

6. Electric Run

While you may be thinking it’s been a while since you’ve jogged for the bus, let alone a run on a treadmill and that a 5K shouldn’t even register on your radar, Electric Run is not one to fear. Yes, there may be some hardcore runners who aim to beat their PB but Electric Run is just as much for the huff and puff walkers as it is for the racers.

All about having fun, it is a nighttime run that uses light and music to create an ‘electric wonderland,’ so much so that you soon forget you’re even working out. Taking place around the world, there are several UK locations on the agenda each year that mean you can dust off those runners and fill up the water bottles anytime.

7. Keswick Mountain Festival

Set amid the rolling hills and vast waters of the Lake District, Keswick Mountain Festival invites all those who love to get dirty, get climbing and get exploring to attend the three-day event in May.

The largest festival of its kind, there are over 250 different outdoor activities to get stuck into including paddling, caving, climbing and zip lining as well as trail races, triathlons and openwater swims.

For when you’ve done your workout and have the blisters to prove it, The Mountain Hut with its local ales and great views makes for a great watering hole and if you stick around until the later hours you’ll be treated some live music too.

8. Eastbourne Extreme

The big thing about this one is that it’s free. Yes, completely free to attend one of the biggest extreme sporting festivals on the South Coast.

Think extreme sports gone wild, this July festival is the hotspot for adrenaline junkies who might fancy kite surfing, roller derbying, BMXing or air bag free dropping. Across land, sea and air, Eastbourne Extreme brings you the best in extreme sport, allowing all the family to take part in some epic experiences.

Plus, if you’ve ever wanted to watch the World Cup you’re in luck. While it might not be footy, the calisthenics, or street workout, World Cup takes place here, could be just as exciting and you won’t get million-pound-a-week players crying their way off the pitch.

9. Rawfest

Rawfest takes place at a variety of locations across the UK and is all about showing appreciation for the love of clean living and healthy eating. There’s a total ban on all things sugar-filled and full-fat with vegan and raw foods on the menu.

Aside from munching on health-loving goodness, there’s music, live performances and educational films to keep you entertained. Experts also hold workshops to give information on nutrition while there are also meetings where people can discuss their own lifestyle choices.

However, it’s not all so serious. There’s also a healing village full of spa treats as well as a gaming area and nature garden.

10. Buddhafield Fest

Think, Eat, Pray, Love but with a colder climate and a little more music. This July festival, takes place each year in Taunton, Somerset and combines a love of music and meditation. The weekend boasts a natural high as it bans alcohol and drugs to help ‘the flourishing of clear and radiant awareness’.

Both adults and children can participate in meditation, yoga and tai chi with stations available to do crafts and do dance workshops too.

For when clean living gets a little too clean, there’s also a nearby swamp that people have been known bathe in before meditating whilst covered in leaves. One for the body and mind, Buddhafield promotes a lifestyle full of compassion and peace in the world – definitely healthier than your average Glastonbury!


  1. The names of these festivals give us much more insight into the culture of a nation.
    We can feel ourselves one with the nation, if we can take up their festivities as our own.
    cheers. great job done

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  3. These look great! Never actually knew that a healthy option was available when it comes to festivals. Will be checking them out!

  4. Sounds great! I am currently a master student in the UK and searching for places to go during my time here. I will definitely visit one of your recommended festivals! 🙂

    1. They look good don’t they? I’m hoping to get to a few of them this year too. I hope you make it 🙂

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