9 Things to Do in Saint Lucia for Adventurers

If you think a holiday in Saint Lucia is all sunbathing on paradise beaches, eating all you can at the hotel, being confined to an all inclusive and the most adventure you’ll get is at the hotel pool, you are wrong my friend.

There are loads of things to do in Saint Lucia if you’re looking for an adventure. From the rainforests, to the open Caribbean sea, to hiking twin peaks and going crazy at the weekly Friday night Jump Up party, you’ll be glad of the time off to sunbathe, trust me. And as for being confined to an all inclusive, you can book all your tours right in the hotel, make the most of the full activity-programme in house, and master the watersport of your choice.

1. Sail a catamaran from Rodney Bay

sailing a catamaran saint lucia

The Saint Lucia catamaran tour I went on with Sea Spray Cruises included:

  • A trip to the Mud Bath Springs, where you had to dip yourself in 38C water, cover yourself in mud, then get back in to wash it off
  • A quick look at Soufriere centre
  • Zip lining across 8 wires in the rainforest – some high, some long, some over muddy waters. Loved it!
  • Lunch, complete with rum punch
  • Snorkelling trip
  • Swam in Diamond Waterfalls
  • Commentary as you go
  • Sightseeing spot at Marigot Bay
  • All inclusive rum punch on the boat
  • A trip on an awesome catamaran

2. Segway through the rainforest trip

Segway in saint lucia

I went on the Mount Pimard Nature Trail Segway Experience with Lucian Style. I’d pretty much got the Segwaying part down, thanks to my trip around Currumbin Wildlife Park on the Gold Coast in February. This meant we could skip over the training part and just get going. My tour leader Devon cranked the speed up on my Segway and off we went up, down and round the trail. I saw war bunkers, Belle View, amazing beaches, fed some crazy fish at the koi fish pond (a past hotel’s feet nibbling plan gone wrong) and watched Devon do some mad tricks on his Segway. The views were stunning – out to Pigeon Island, Reduit Beach, The Rodney Bay Marina and the Caribbean Sea.

This was such a good way to get to know more about the island as Devon guided me round too. Halfway through we stopped for some local fruit in the rainforest and I met this little guy on a plant.

3. Master a watersport, in your hotel

Adventurous things to do in saint lucia

I stayed at the St James’ Club in Morgan Bay. It’s a luxury, all-inclusive hotel with free fitness activities, and more importantly, free watersports!

You could waterski, knee board, paddle board, windsurf, kayak, go in the speedboat, it was brilliant – and all included in the price. I just kept going back for more, why not?

I’d looked at doing windsurfing in Rhodes and it had been so expensive I hadn’t bothered so it was brilliant to be able to try it here for free. There were also classes in Pilates, Tai Chi, LBT, and yoga. I really went for it and just did as much as possible.

Three lessons down and I still hadn’t mastered the waterskiing though.

4. Take an aerial sky ride over Babonneau Rainforest

things to do in saint lucia

This was cool! I watched as all the young people went off to zip line and I joined the oldies on the sky ride, unsure as to whether I’d made the right decision. Just a few minutes in and I knew I had. I was in a metal cage suspended up to 100 metres above the ground while Zan, our tour guide, told us all about the rainforest and what had been involved in putting the ride there.

It may not be one of the most adventurous things you ever do, but it’s definitely cool, and different – and the views across the island on the way down are amazing.

things to do saint lucia

If you want to ‘adventure it up’, go up in the sky tram and then zip line back down again on 12 different lines. I reckon that would be cool as a fridge on high.

5. Hike the Pitons Mountains

Make sure you’ve bought some supplies in your backpack because this one is a toughie. Superman cheated all those years ago by flying through them, but you can climb up Gros Piton – 771m above sea level. Turn up and you’ll be assigned a guide to take you up – it’s tough going but the view from the top and the sense of achievement will make it well worth it.

6. Party at Jump Up

Adventure things to do in saint lucia

For an evening adventure you can’t really go wrong with Jump Up in Gros Islet. It’s a huge street party for all the locals and tourists to just come together and dance it out. The food here is incredible ­– check out those stuffed lobsters – this is a real dose of traditional Caribbean cuisine. Once you’ve stuffed yourself on all the food on offer the dancing adventure begins. Grab a drink from one of the street vendors (around 5EC (£1.14ish)) and follow the tunes.

Jump Up Saint Lucia

Huge speakers are set up at the end of the street and the DJ plays from the local bar. First off comes the tourist music – think a quick spin from the 80s to the current day – and then comes the reggae and soca music. Make sure to stick around and get involved to really see how the locals like to party.

And 3 things I didn’t do in Saint Lucia, but you could

7. Go scuba diving

Go scuba diving in the Soufriere marine reserve and you’ll find a selection of peacock flounders, octopus, needle fish, turtles, puffers, moray eels, parrot fish, lobsters and even seahorses.

8. Ride a horse

Horse riding is a pretty popular activity in Saint Lucia. You could explore the island by horse for two hours and then end in a BBQ on the beach. Or some trips allow you to go in the ocean while you’re still riding, others go during sunset, while others nip by the local rum distillery – just choose a trip to suit you.

9. Mountain biking

There are lots of cycling opportunities on the island, including those around the fishing village of Anse La Ray, cycling round the Anse Mamin Plantation and exploring the famous volcano.


  1. I’m going to Saint Lucia in January with my fiancee, who will be my husband! I’m so excited and you’ve just entertained me on a rainy Thursday night, so thanks!

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