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9 Cool Photos of My Saint Lucia Catamaran Tour

Yesterday I went on a catamaran tour along the west tip of Saint Lucia with Sea Spray Cruises. It wasn’t ‘just’ a catamaran tour though, we made four stop offs along the way on land (read on), and the drink on the boat was all-inclusive.

As you’ll see below, I enjoyed a few glasses of the home brew rum punch after the snorkelling tour to the sounds of Sean Paul blasting out, along with the rest of my boat friends.

If you fancy doing a catamaran tour in St Lucia any time soon, let me tell you a little more about what to expect.

St Lucia Catamaran Tour

First stop: Rodney Bay

The St Lucia catamaran tour demanded an 8:30am start from Rodney Bay – a popular bar and restaurant area at the peak of the island. The drop off comes as part of the package.

Saint Lucia Catamaran tour

Sea me now

We sailed for about two hours along the coast of the island, taking in the houses and scenery as we went. I may have had a little snooze on the front of the boat. #jetlag

Catamaran tour St Lucia

Toraille Waterfall

We soon made it to Soufriere where we moored up and got on a van to take us around for the next few hours. We got a short bus tour through the old capital of the island before we made it to the Toraille Waterfall for a quick dip. The pounding falls were definitely a needed refreshment from the Saint Lucia heat.

Saint Lucia Catamaran tour

La Soufriere Drive-In Volcano

Then, it was time for the mud baths. Jeez, they were hot.

The water came straight from the volcano and it was absolutely scorching.

I’m pretty proud of myself for going all the way in – especially after watching the big wuss of a tour group come after us, not one of them dared to. You dip in the hot, stinky water, then cover yourself in mud, then dip in again to get it off.

None of us questioned why we were doing this.

You can see the girl behind me expressing the extreme heat with the useful facial expression.

St Lucia catamaran tour

Zip lining

Next up was zip lining which was an optional extra.

If you don’t fancy flying from tree to tree at a ridiculous speed, you can go for the boring person option and take a tour around the area.

I did the zip lining – all eight runs of it.

Loved it, especially the views from the platform over to the twin peaks and as you whizzed down. We had a really tasty lunch before we left, complete with Creole classics and some rum punch.

Zip lining St Lucia

Back to the catamaran

After lunch and we were back on the catamaran. The catamaran was fully quipped with ‘marine toilets’ and there was plenty of space for the 11 passengers on board. They can take up to 40 at the height of the season.

This is just one of the many beautiful views to see as you go round.

Catamaran tour St Lucia

Marigot Bay

This is where the original Dr Dolittle was filmed, where the richest of the rich hang out and where we went just for the photo opportunity.

Nice hey?

St Lucia Marigot Bay

Snorkelling in Fish Bay

We had 40 minutes to go snorkelling off the boat. Good timing for the brief raincloud that appeared here. I saw lots of fishies under the sea and enjoyed trying to find the cast of Finding Nemo.

St Lucia Catamaran tour

Back to Rodney Bay

And with that it was back to Rodney Bay at around 4:30pm. The catamaran tour was a brilliant way to see a bit more of St Lucia and after a little survey of my new boat friends, they’d all recommend it.

Back to the Marina St Lucia Catamaran


Wednesday 27th of January 2021

Agree St James is a nice hotel, but defintely wouldn't say it's the best. There are several other glorious locations to try, especially if you want to do a two centre holiday on island.

Jerome Rodgers

Wednesday 27th of January 2021

I'm Jerome Rodgers.. I have friend in Saint Lucia So I'm making plans to visit in near future! I live in Ft Lauderdale Florida So traveling there should be simple... I'd like to get information on travel restrictions to Saint Lucia Please update me on any travel tips available Sincerely Jerome Rodgers


Saturday 22nd of November 2014

Wow, these photos are beautiful Vicky. Loving your blog!


Friday 17th of October 2014

Aaaaand definitely doing this one!

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