The Saint Lucia Hotel You Have to See: St James’s Club

I’ve spent the last week in what I’m pretty sure is the best hotel in Saint Lucia.

St James’s Club in Morgan Bay is a Caribbean resort hotel with all the food, drink, watersports, fitness activities, kids entertainment and evening fun you could ask for. They also make it easy to explore the rest of St Lucia from the hotel with their tours desk and taxi service.

I loved the place. During my week at the Saint Lucia hotel I ate at all six restaurants, tried all the watersports, did some Pilates and Tai Chi, went to a mixology class and became a pro water skier.

That last one was a lie.

These photos aren’t though – take a look and then try and tell me St James’s Club Resort in Saint Lucia isn’t on your wishlist…

Best Hotel in St Lucia
Cool hotel in St Lucia
Cool hotel in St Lucia
Cool hotel in St Lucia
Cool hotel in St Lucia
Cool hotel in St Lucia
Cool hotel in St Lucia
Cool hotel in St Lucia
Best Hotel in St Lucia
Best Hotel in St Lucia
Best Hotel in St Lucia
Best Hotel in St Lucia
Best Hotel in St Lucia
hotel in saint lucia

I feel attached to the St James’s Club Resort. It’s the longest I’ve stayed consecutively anywhere for months. We’ve had a great week together and I’d honestly recommend it to anyone looking for an all-inclusive holiday somewhere friendly and beautiful.

During the week I’ve picked up a few tips that might help to enjoy your St James’s Club Resort more than the average holidaymaker… keep them on the down-low though, this is between me and you.

Saint Lucia Hotel

1. Morgan’s Pier is the best restaurant in my opinion – great experience, great food and beautiful scenery. Book in as soon as you get there.

2. Don’t go snooping everywhere on the first day. Save yourself. I’d kind of forgotten about the Plum Tree restaurant and then to find it on day 5 was a beautiful moment. The chicken wrap and sweet potato fries are amazing.

3. Get chatting with the staff, they’re a good laugh and really friendly. Nigel makes an excellent Bob Marley cocktail, Julius will help you waterski and Jaffrey will have you stretching muscles you never knew you had in the class at the gym.

Hotel in Saint Lucia

4. Make the most of the hotel activities as early on as possible. I guarantee time will get away with you. Wish I’d found the time for a tennis lesson.

5. Do the mixology class, it was a good laugh and you may even find out your a hero cocktail maker. Not me though, my cocktail came last in the tastiness competition.

6. Use the golf caddie guys to drive you when you have your bags on the first day and then don’t even think about the taxi service until the final night. It will seem like a dream to be dropped back at your room.

7. I was amazed by the Sunday roast – especially the gravy and Yorkshire puddings. Almost a rival to my mum’s, almost. Other favourite food moments included the seafood crepe at Morgan’s Pier, the freshly made smoothies at the Palms Restaurant breakfast, the carrot cake at Choc Bay coffee shop and the endless bacon at Bambou.

8. Take ear plugs if you’re a light or early sleeper – the tree frogs are chatty fellas and the evening entertainment goes on till 11pm.

9. There’s free Wi-Fi in the lobby and in most of the Sunset Lounge.

10. If you want to go waterskiing and you’ve done the 11am lesson, go for the practice 4pm instead of 10am as it’s a lot quieter.

11. Get to the speedboat before anyone else in the morning and they’ll let you drive around the bay in it as they take everyone out on their skis.

12. If you fancy a Saint Lucia spa treatment, get a traditional bamboo massage. Before I arrived I’d been having random backaches and twinges for weeks, since Anika worked her magic I have not felt one shock of pain whatsoever. She also gave a great facial, felt fresh as a daisy when I walked out of there!

Have you been to St James’s Club? Any more tips? have some great deals at the St James’s Club Resort – take a look!


  1. Absolutely brilliant Hotel, My mum got married here in 2010, It’s lovely to see the updates. The wedding was aboslutely beautiful for anyone interested in that defo check it out. Kids sections are great, with adult only bits too. This Hotel has something to suit everyone! We went in October, I was stung in the sea, Pretty sure it was a jelly was a very grey day so ‘Nobody’ could be sure not even the lovely nurse who creamed up my knee. We didnt leave the hotel at all for our week trip. I spent £0 of my spending money! 🙂

  2. There’s a mountain in St Lucia called the Jade Mountain – it looks absolutely breathtaking. Did you get to see it??

    I can’t believe you’re there – I am so envious but happy for you at the same time!!

    Cannot wait to read all about your travels xxxxx

    1. Didn’t get to see that one Jade – just means I’ll have to go back again! Saint Lucia was amazing – such a beautiful country.

  3. Hiya. Loving your blog. Planning to be at St James Club for the Christmas period with family and wanted to get your take on which block to try (or avoid) and get in for better ocean views. Thanks!

  4. Hiya, we spent a week in St Lucia in May and got married at St James Club Morgan Bay! Both myself, my husband and our family absolutely loved this hotel! The food, service and amenities were great. We particularly enjoyed the water sports available. We were not so fussed about the evening entertainment, so we didn’t stay to watch much of it. No children were with us so I cant comment on children’s facilities, however i do believe the children’s club is not available all year round. We will definitely be returning to St Lucia one day, and also happily return to this hotel too.

    1. Ah, that’s great to hear Alexa. Really glad you had a good time – what an amazing place to get married. I loved the watersports too, would’ve got my money’s worth in water skiing lessons! I hope you do get to go back one day, hope I do too.

  5. Hey Vicky, cool hotel! It doesn’t look like you have kids but I just wondered what you thought the facilities would be like for my two little ones? Looking for a cool place to go before my eldest goes to school next year. They’re 4 and 2. Any advice would be great!

    1. Hi JonBob, there was a whole play area for the kids and there’s a kids club too. I saw a few parents during my week here and they all seemed happy! You can also get a babysitting service I read in the manual. The Plum Tree pool area looked fun for kids, there were two small slides and when I was there, there was a little boy who looked about 4 having a brilliant time!

    1. Hi Karen.
      hope you don’t mind me adding my opinion but just got back from St James’, while the staff and food where good my husband and i decided on arrival this wouldn’t be our honeymoon. It is a very large resort and i think we were lucky to go off peak. found it difficult to book the restaurants the first few days due to demand. The communal eating restaurant lacked the intimacy i wanted from my honeymoon. The main drawback was the evening entertainment, we were witness to some very embarrassing karaoke and the worst dj night, considering the average age group was 40+ it felt like visiting a local night club every evening and as all the bars were situated around the entertainment area there was no escape, not even in your rooms as it was very loud. on the plus side St Lucia is amazing and we loved all the trips we did most of which were through the hotel. Good hotel but in my opinion not a romantic honeymoon destination.

      1. Hi Shelley, thanks for your comment. I do understand what you mean about the evening entertainment, but I think it was also because they had the September to Remember Festival on next door this last weekend which made it seem louder.

        There seemed to be a lot of honeymooners there over the week – all the ones I spoke to said they were having a great time. I didn’t realise beforehand but two of my friends had also been here on their honeymoon and they loved it too. I guess it depends on your holiday style. My friends were probably the ones making the noise!

        Good to hear you enjoyed Saint Lucia. I’m at the airport now and sad to leave!

    1. Hi Karen, I’ve seen two other resorts and although I haven’t stayed in them I’d definitely recommend St James’ Bay. There’s a buzz around the place to be fun without being in your face, the staff are really nice and the food and facilities are amazing. I’ll be really sad to leave tomorrow!

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