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13 Tips for Staying at St James’s Club Resort, Saint Lucia

I feel attached to the St James’s Club Resort. It’s the longest I’ve stayed consecutively anywhere for months. We’ve had a great week together and I’d honestly recommend it to anyone looking for an all-inclusive holiday somewhere friendly and beautiful.

During the week I’ve picked up a few tips that might help to enjoy your St James’s Club Resort more than the average holidaymaker… keep them on the down-low though, this is between me and you.

Saint Lucia Hotel

St James’s Club Resort, Saint Lucia

1. Morgan’s Pier is the best restaurant in my opinion – great experience, great food and beautiful scenery. Book in as soon as you get there.

2. Don’t go snooping everywhere on the first day. Save yourself. I’d kind of forgotten about the Plum Tree restaurant and then to find it on day 5 was a beautiful moment. The chicken wrap and sweet potato fries are amazing.

3. Get chatting with the staff, they’re a good laugh and really friendly. Nigel makes an excellent Bob Marley cocktail, Julius will help you waterski and Jaffrey will have you stretching muscles you never knew you had in the class at the gym.

Hotel in Saint Lucia

4. Make the most of the hotel activities as early on as possible. I guarantee time will get away with you. Wish I’d found the time for a tennis lesson.

5. Do the mixology class, it was a good laugh and you may even find out your a hero cocktail maker. Not me though, my cocktail came last in the tastiness competition.

6. Use the golf caddie guys to drive you when you have your bags on the first day and then don’t even think about the taxi service until the final night. It will seem like a dream to be dropped back at your room.

7. I was amazed by the Sunday roast – especially the gravy and Yorkshire puddings. Almost a rival to my mum’s, almost. Other favourite food moments included the seafood crepe at Morgan’s Pier, the freshly made smoothies at the Palms Restaurant breakfast, the carrot cake at Choc Bay coffee shop and the endless bacon at Bambou.

Hotel in Saint Lucia

8. Take ear plugs if you’re a light or early sleeper – the tree frogs are chatty fellas and the evening entertainment goes on till 11pm.

9. There’s free Wi-Fi in the lobby and in most of the Sunset Lounge.

10. If you want to go waterskiing and you’ve done the 11am lesson, go for the practice 4pm instead of 10am as it’s a lot quieter.

11. Get to the speedboat before anyone else in the morning and they’ll let you drive around the bay in it as they take everyone out on their skis.

Saint Lucia Holiday

12. If you fancy a Saint Lucia spa treatment, get a traditional bamboo massage. Before I arrived I’d been having random backaches and twinges for weeks, since Anika worked her magic I have not felt one shock of pain whatsoever. She also gave a great facial, felt fresh as a daisy when I walked out of there!

13. Take a look at my panorama photos of Saint James’ Club Resort to prepare yourself, and get excited about your trip!

Have you been to St James’s Club? Any more tips? have some great deals at the St James’s Club Resort – take a look!


Monday 14th of February 2022

Don’t miss Harold at the “red door” bar located behind the main bar….great service, upper end drinks, a/c and needs to bee visited.


Sunday 29th of December 2019

Thank you for the information!

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