Why I Really Like Travelling with Virgin

Virgin are definitely one of my favourite airlines to travel with. They took my long haul virginity with my first trip to work as a camp counselor at summer camp in New York when I was 20. I can clearly remember finding my seat on the plane and being so excited to be on a ‘proper’ plane rather than the little European ones I’d travelled on before. I was in the aisle seat of the middle four and nervously spoke to the girls in front of me as I heard them say the name of the same camp I was at.

Flying with Virgin to St Lucia

After that I sat back and chilled out on what was to become the single most life changing experience I’ve had – a summer at camp in the USA, not the flight, but that’s how I got there.

The seats were bigger than the European airlines I was used to, the selection of films brilliant and I remember being excited when the food came round. Free booze? Oo how much am I allowed?

I loved that journey. It’s ingrained on my mind forever.

Since then I’ve flown virgin quite a few times – St Lucia, San Francisco, LA and most recently Cuba.

That time I was upgraded to First Class

Oh my god I got upgraded to Upper Class on my Virgin Atlantic LA to London flight. Never happened before. It was…

Posted by VickyFlipFlopTravels on Saturday, 20 June 2015


My best flight experience ever was getting upgraded to First Class on the way back from LA. My ticket beeped when I went through the gate and I was excited as I thought I’d got myself some Premium Economy action. I got chatting to the guy next to me in the queue and we joked about how we wanted to turn left, to First Class, so bad. I was too busy chatting and not looking at my ticket for the new number. I wandered into Premium Economy and then looked properly to find my seat, realised the numbers here started at 12 or something and MINE WAS NUMBER 4. Oh my god. Oh my god I was in First Class.

I’d heard of it happening to others but not me.

I was kind of embarrassed but I had to push back past everyone coming on to Premium and Economy to get in that elusive First Class Cabin. I tried to stay cool.

Travelling by Virgin

I was so exhausted after a week of fun driving the Pacific Coast Highway and nights out I could barely keep my eyes open stood up. When I saw that the rumours were true, and you had an actual BED in First Class I wanted to cry with joy. I took the Champagne, and the Virgin Atlantic issue pyjamas and after a quick celeb scout of the other seats promptly fell asleep, before we were even off the tarmac.

Once up in the sky I woke up and got the flight attendant to help me pull the bed down. It was like some transformer / robotic thing that formed a flat bed, when you knew how. I still remember lying out, fully stretched, with a duvet ON A PLANE and just being the happiest traveller ever. I slept for 7 hours uninterrupted until breakfast.

I could order pretty much whatever I wanted for breakfast, so I did. Bacon, with extra bacon in a sandwich and a side of muesli, yogurt and Champagne. On arrival back in England I was going straight to my friends’ 30th birthday so having such a good sleep was literally, a dream.

I hope you get upgraded to First Class one day, it’s the best.

Mum’s first long haul

Travelling long haul with mum

More recently I took mum on her first long haul to Cuba, with Virgin. I’d won the trip over a year ago so it was a big build up and mum was super nervous. It was great though – don’t hate me but on the flight out we got upgraded to Premium Economy and loved the extra space, one of the most amazing chicken tikka masalas I’ve ever had and the Champers too.

On the return we were back in Economy but got four seats for the two of us so that was pretty sweet. Mum had one and I spread out over the other three with my head on mum’s lap. Daughter’s prerogative.

The almighty V Room

Flying with Virgin

Another reason I like flying with Virgin is their V Room. I used it before St Lucia and Cuba and it just makes the whole experience of going on holiday that bit more special.

You pay £22 entrance and then get access to the exclusive lounge and all the delicious treats on offer. From here it’s easy to see the planes take off on the runway and enjoy the thought of preparing for your holiday in peace out of the craziness of the airport. In fact it can feel a little overwhelming going back in the main airport afterwards.

Virgin staff

Apart from one super rude attendant on my flight back from Cuba, who seemed determined not to let me have any water, I always find the Virgin staff to be really good. I love the ads where they’re portrayed as superheroes.

Flying with Virgin

Even though I love a bargain, and do try to save on flight costs, I think it’s worth keeping an eye out for a good airline to travel with. The in flight entertainment is better, the food and the overall experience of travelling too.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little ode to Virgin – what do you think of them?

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  1. by Catherine Lux on October 13, 2015  9:38 am Reply

    Ah man I love Virgin too! The first time I flew with them I was 4 years old and we were flying to Orlando to go to Disney. I still remember the flight. I've flown with them a few times since (most recently to Barbados a coupla weeks ago), and I still love them.

    Also that beeping sound when you're ticket is upgraded is the best sound.

    C x | Lux Life

  2. by Carrie on October 14, 2015  9:04 am Reply

    Wow, that's amazing you got upgraded. I DREAM of that day :) I've read a few articles about how to do it – dressing nice etc. Do you have any tips? I love the ads for Virgin too – such a cool idea. I flew with them to San Francisco and back and loved the in flight entertainment – watched loads of films I've been meaning to see for a while.

    • by Vicky on October 20, 2015  4:35 pm Reply

      Errrrmaghod it was SO good :) I heard that the dressing nice thing is a rumour – it all depends on the system, which doesn't know what you look like. Yeah, same with the movies and I liked the short films too. Nice little selection there that I'd never normally watch.

  3. by Matt on October 14, 2015  10:13 am Reply

    I love Virgin too - Virgin and Air NZ are my favourite long haul carriers by far (their food and service being the biggest improvement over the competition). I can't believe you got upgraded to First! (still a dream for us) I had heard Virgin are really hard to be upgraded with unless you were a (very) frequent flyer with them - well done you anyway. We've converted credit card points to Virgin miles and traded them in for one way Upper Class flights to San Fran so we get to experience it for sure this year finally...so excited for it already.

  4. by Leanne on October 16, 2015  12:21 pm Reply

    Virgin are my favourite airline that I've flown with so far to the point where I've got their credit card so I can hopefully earn myself an upgrade when I next fly to the States. Wouldn't say no to a free upgrade though! x

    • by Vicky on October 20, 2015  4:30 pm Reply

      Ooo that's a good idea. I might actually do the same. I used to get free CDs with my credit card and haven't upgraded since, ha!

  5. by Emily on October 16, 2015  10:51 pm Reply

    This has got me insanely excited for my very first Virgin flight next month! I only ever hear great things about them, so am looking forward to finding out for myself just what it's like :)

    • by Vicky on October 20, 2015  4:29 pm Reply

      Ah you'll have a great time Emily! Don't eat before so you can make the most of the endless food that comes round. The last few flights I've been on they've even bought FAB ice lollies round :)

  6. by The welshbird on October 17, 2015  9:57 am Reply

    love them. Virgin brand may have been spread a little thinly over the years. But Virgin Atlantic have never dropped the ball- always been excellent.

    I have a little 'squee' moment when I book Virgin. It's part or the holiday, not some hideous chore that bookends my time away.

    • by Vicky on October 20, 2015  4:25 pm Reply

      Yeah, definitely, I agree. I'd happily pay more so I could enjoy the Virgin experience, rather than go with someone that's just to get me there.

  7. by Ellie on October 17, 2015  10:04 am Reply

    Still yet to fly Virgin, but when I got upgraded to BA Club Class on a work trip to California Im fairly sure the flight surpassed the trip (ok nearly)...definitely worth paying for at least once in your life!


    • by Vicky on October 20, 2015  4:21 pm Reply

      I agree! Wow, that's pretty sweet. Such a nice feeling isn't it? :)

  8. by Arianwen on October 21, 2015  7:28 am Reply

    Nice one Vic! I've never flown anything but economy. I reckon it'd be hard to try first class and then go back...!

    • by Vicky on October 21, 2015  8:02 am Reply

      Ha! I'm going along the lines of that it's better to have loved and lost than never loved before. Or something :).

  9. by Marc on October 22, 2015  7:25 am Reply

    Glad you had a great time and I had the worst experience ever with them while we were flying on virgin with my baby from lax to London. I wrote an article about how rude the crew were to most people on that flight. Since never travelled on virgin.

    • by Vicky on October 23, 2015  5:08 pm Reply

      Oh really? That's a shame. I've always found them to be brilliant, apart from that one time the mean attendant wouldn't give me any water on the way back from Cuba. That was just her though, not Virgin.

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